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Thursday, August 11, 2011

HNT / Greatest Hits

Not much to report here at the World HQ. Mistress is on the east coast with our sullen teen. Slave is back here, wearing his cage to work and staying out of trouble .... not that I could get into much trouble with that cage locked tight.

The best I can do for you is a little trip down memory lane for those Mistress fans out there:

Here she is, surveying our little chink of heaven out West.
And there she is, primping before a day at work, sporting those teal undies.

I know she'd rather be sunbathing at 7000 feet, than in the sea level bustle out East.

And while we both love the summer, one thing that's nice about the cold weather months here are her sexy black tights.

Of course, I believe I've gotten her approval of these photos in the past, but if she dislikes any of them, I may have to be concerned about getting left in my cage longer than I'd like.  Which brings to mine this historic image, which no doubt could become a collector's item for some of the Collins clan:


beingaisha said...

Great pictures, Mick.


Bill, Dir. of Security UCTMW said...

Always good to show Mistress when the news is in short supply, very nice collection!