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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

More Cage Time for Slave on Horizon

Mistress has been sucked into one of those macho River City ritual’s today…. The 7:30 am breakfast meeting. It was invented by guys of a certain generation who like to nurture the impression that their schedules are so invaluable that it can not be heard of that they would arrive at their offices to take charge of the helm any earlier than 8:30 am. So as a result, any time spent on civic activities or professional “catching up” must be commence no later than 7:30 or so.

(This also leaves time for afternoons on the golf course, or a lunch time work-out at some all male athletic club. This also assumes you have a “good wife” at home tending to the domestic chores of sending the little tikes off to school, and that one never would think about “wake up” sex with that wife that might slow you down on the way out the door).

This is a too long lead in to the fact that I’m up early and have a short window for blogging, because I’ll be driving mistress this morning to her breakfast engagement.

I was happy to do the driving, because it means a day off from cage time. Our rule has been that Slave is in his cage when we drive separately. And Mistress’s work arrangements have changed recently so that our regular drives to work may well be a thing of the past.

“You know Save, I’m going to miss our driving to work more than anything …. But this also means you are going to have to get used to wearing that cage again on a moe regular basis.

Yesterday seemed like a start to that. She had the benefit of my hard cock for wake up sex, already contained by that steel ring that forms the base of my cage, surrounding my cock and balls.

Then, after my shower, as she lolled in bed a little longer, sending off some emails, I presented myself with the cage in place and she shut the lock with a little faux sympathetic smile.

“Does that make you feel more secure, Mistress.”

“Definitely, Slave.”

As it turned out, Mistress had to be downtown for a lunch meeting, and I even saw her briefly on our square as I ate a sandwich and she was heading to meet her lunch partner.

“I’ll stop by your office when I’m done, Slave….”

Of course, I knew what that meant. And was happy to greet her when she arrived, closing the door and pushing the chair into place for a little “dessert”.


It had been a while since I’d had a chance for some lunch time worship.

Afterwards she shared an interesting development.

Our regular readers may recall that a few weeks ago I mentioned that Mistress had been solicited over Collar Me by an interesting gentleman of European background who took an interest in her posting for a “part time Dom”.

They had chatted a bit, but then he left the country for a few weeks for some exotic vacation.

He’s back.

He and Mistress have been exchanging some provocative text messages over those weeks.

And they both realized in some exchanges yesterday morning that they’d be downtown.

We’ve not picked a blog name for him yet, so let’s just call him A for now.

“So Slave…. A’s down here today …. At his business. And he suggested maybe I walk down and say hello.”

I raised an eyebrow. 

“Sounds intriguing, Mistress….”

She told me the address, asking for some directions. And, dutiful slave that I am, I offered to walk her down the street for her little meet.

As we strolled in the mid afternoon sun, hand in hand, she gave me that look.

“Are you OK with this Slave?”

“Of course, Mistress…..”

She is very considerate about all this for her Slave….

Soon we were at her destination, just two short blocks from my office.

“Well Slave…. here we are…. Maybe you should go back now. It might be a little awkward if you showed up too.”

“No problem Mistress….”

Well I hear Mistress up now, and I’d better hop in the shower with her. I guess we will have to continue this little adventure later.


beingaisha said...

Mick! I can't believe you're leaving us hanging like this too... no fair!



sin said...


Donna said...


That wasn't very nice.

Just sayin',

Aimee said...

What an obedient slave ;) Lovely. I can't wait to see how this next chapter of tings turns out.

Mistress Aimee

sissy tammy said...

More time in the cage? Welcome to my world :)

Anonymous said...

more detail will be provided when appropriate. Think I have told you that I am the more private one in my marriage...
the plot thickens..

vanillamom said...



Mistress MOlly....well, there's private...and then there's UCTMW...*grumbles*





Myli said...

A cliffhanger? :( That's my sad face.

WC said...


Looks like the WC maybe out of a gig.

The no longer Personal Trainer to our beloved and benificent CEO,

But of course only wishes the best for her.