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Wednesday, August 3, 2011


It has been a little chaotic for Molly and Mick here in River City these last few days.

First, there was the weekend celebration. Lots of family members in town, and another family dinner for us here at the World HQ in Sunday night for us to host, set up, cook and then clean up afterwards.

My daughter needed to be at an airport about an hour away at 5:30 am Monday morning…. So I was up, out and back in bed with Mistress by about 6:30 am. After an attempt to sleep for about 30 minutes… unsuccessful I might add --- at least we had the energy for some cuddly wake up sex before we were up and off to work.

Then Monday turned even crazier – some family drama for me to tamp down, and some workplace drama for Mistress. She’s dealing with some “mean girls” at work, and is navigating her way to a saner, safer place. But it will take a few weeks for the dust to settle and in the meantime it’s been stressful for her. She's been primping her resume, as you can see in this photo.

So Monday night, with a lot on her mind, she was the one having trouble getting a good night's sleep.

I think I am a savvy enough Slave to know when Mistress needs me close at hand, so I passed on an early wake up for blog posting,  and elected to stay with her, close at hand, for worship and a nice healthy fucking when she woke after a fitful night at around 6:45 or so.

Fortunately, Mistress seemed to sleep better last night…. There is light at the end of the tunnel  for her, particularly once we get the girls out the door in two weeks time and can get back to a comfy routine.

But there was one thing I wanted to add, and get some advice from our studious readers.

Mistress read somewhere that a woman can use a banana to strengthen those muscles inside her luscious love canal. The notion was that strong muscles can turn a firm banana into pulp that her devoted slave could consume. (No, this blog was not about this “Bananas”).

So when we had a brief respite from family on Sunday afternoon, we decided to put this concept to the test.

I had gone to the grocery and came back with some firm bananas.

But here was the trick: when I heard about this concept, I had assumed that one kept the banana in the peel for the experiment, then unpealed it for the consumption part. Mistress had the opposite view.

I was afraid that if one inserted a banana sans peal it would be too easily broken off and then there’d be all that banana goop inside to extract who knows how.

We tried it both ways.

With the peal on, Mistress thought things were a little too rough. That nub at the end of the banana was kind of abrasive.  It was not smooth and soft like the head of my work-a-day cock.

So we tried it the other way. It was soft enough, and didn’t break, but I’m not sure Mistress felt comfortable enough to give it the full squeeze.

After we were done I did consume the banana, which was soften and warmed and coated with those addictive juices I have come to desire.


Any banana tips out there?


beingaisha said...


You already know I'm not likely to have any banana tips... in my mundane little world downriver from y'all. I'll have to settle for sending Molly hugs and positive energy again.


Stephen said...

oops "vaginal"

Stephen said...

A "peal" is a ringing of bells
A "peel" is the outer skin of a fruit or vegetable

or maybe you had it right first time,and the activity rang your bells (smile)

I think the important thing is the strength with which your mistress can contract her viginal muscles (without moving her legs)

Why bother with a banana - she can always perform the same exercise on your personal "banana"

MissBehaviour said...

One of my Harem had great fun with another girl employing the aforementioned fruit for nefarious purposes. See ... Three Banana, Four for all the juicy details. I don't think they used it for 'physical training purposes. Beware - they got very messy....


Myli said...

I can't believe you guys tried the bananas thing. I have heard of that before, but never even thought of trying it. I don't have any tips, but I'm considering trying this now!

nilla said...

well, as the "poor country mouse" of our group, i can say that i tried bananas back when i couldn't afford to purchase a "real" dildo...

the end part is a real pain...but you can sand it down with a nail file, or trim it with a paring knife and it will be much more to vaginal banannananana mashing?

(i misspelled that so Steven will have something else to critique, *wink*)

(oops did i misspell yoru name too? my bad)...

anyway, never tried the ban...yanno...that. good luck!

allin (oops did i spell my OWN name wrong? i am so bad today)....

sin said...

Either way I would put the banana, with or without peel, in a plastic bag or a condom. I wouldn't want the skin inside me (I think I would worry about bugs - does that sound prissy?) and without the skin you might be asking for yeast infections (from all that sugar) as well as the goop.

UCTMW Enterprises Management Team said...

I guess my spell check did not distinguish the peal from the peel, Stephen. and Sin, you're probably right about the wrapper (or is that rapper?)


Donna said...

Oh my gosh, what fun to be had! Thank you M&M and MissBehavior! I have played with cukes for many years and truly enjoy the long English waxed variety straight from the fridge, but have never played with bananas.

Bill went out to the store just a bit ago to pick up some ice cream and whipped toppings for an "On The Spot Banana Split". Should be a happy and refreshing ending to a hot summer day.

Oh Sin, is that prissy or pissy in your comment? And nilla or allin, I love the way you tease girl!,


Faile said...

Well I definitely would have thought skin on was the way to go. In our own recent banana related adventures I trimmed the end with a knife which seemed to work nicely but then it was my boy who had to accommodate it. :-)

Stephen said...

I think the expression used on your side of the Atlantic is "Lighten up"

The aim of my spelling correction was line three of my Post about ringing your bells ...the line with (smile) at the end

Kinky Wife said...

Haven't used a banana on my hubby yet but they're good for him to practice sucking on.

UCTMW Enterprises Management Team said...

Stephen --- thanks for the comments. Your humor was appreciated, we just do a lot of chain jerking on this page. Mick