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Sunday, August 28, 2011

From the Desk of Our CEO

Mistress and Slave had a very busy day here at the UCTMW World HQ, including a rather impressive job that Mistress did deploying her strap-on on her Slave’s ass. When she was done, she lay there in peaceful repose, as captured on this photo. But before it was bedtime, she took it upon her self to take well manicured fingers to keyboard to share the following dispatch prompted by the back and forth in our comments section over the last few days:

To Our Devoted Followers and Staff:

It is rare that I write for our vast media enterprise.  My energies re: the written words are usually depleted with my day work. I leave this duty up to Mick.

I have noted that our sex blog seems to have morphed into one with political and sociological content. I suppose Mick and I are masters at discussing those topics that make most folks most uncomfortable: sex, politics, and religion.

 So, gang, this is supposed to be a sex blog – as of today we seem to be deep into a conversation about who does what best in which country and when it is appropriate to claim that so-and-so from somewhere does it best.

My comments:  men…you are all gifted in your own special and unique man sort of ways. While you may hail from widespread geographic locations, aside from some obvious dimensional, height or language differences, you are more similar than different from one- another.

I adore each and every one of you and what you to do me, with me, for me, and  For how you make me feel.

Some of you know that I have tried it with women, but I desperately crave that firm male touch among other things. I crave that firm hand, that rougher skin, that bulging member.

I aim for us to all be filled with harmony and love (can’t help it), I need all of you and your own special brand of Molly Collins adoration. Mick has turned me into a sex super hero on these pages and for that I am grateful.

The older I get the more I love it. Each experience, each compliment and each conquest.




beingaisha said...

What a lovely message, Molly. Balm on the troubled waters.

Which, unfortunately, reminds me of a song. I'll spare you the pain of me posting it here...



Bill, Dir. of Security UCTMW, Int said...

All Hail the Peace Maker! In fact, with that picture, I get a Peaceful, Easy feeling!

Donna said...

Lovely picture and I enjoyed the post today.

Sorry about the first song title I posted. I can never make out the words to songs, never have been able to other than a word or two here and there. Consequently, I make up my own.

Between the phrase or two I have picked up and what I have added to it on my own, I thought it was a song about a woman so extraordinary she made men want to fall on their knees to worship her. I thought that was very fitting, considering Mick's special kneeling pillow and the amount of time he spends with that particular activity.

In looking around on the internet I decided to pull up the actual lyrics to the song, to see how much Molly would appreciate my careful choice of song. Oops!

Lesson learned.

How about Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me. Does that work better?


sin said...

Gorgeous photo Molly!

And now I really want to know what song Donna posted.

UCTMW Enterprises Management Team said...

I'm curious about that song too. Mick

Donna said...

The song is Phil Collin's, Easy Lover.

These are the words that were doing a loop in my mind...

Easy lover
She'll get a hold on you believe it
Like no other
Before you know it you'll be on your knees.

Doesn't that sound like a Mick and Molly situation to you? Sadly, other parts of the song don't work so well.

And then Bill told me it wasn't really about oral sex. What a bummer!