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Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Unlike the new NFL Players Collective Bargaining Contract, mine does not prohibit “two-a-days”.  And, in fact, with the teens off to their new endeavors, it seems that has become the rule of thumb here at the UCTMW World HQ.
Morning sex has always been part of our game plan – unless there is some reason for an unusually early exit to get to work or the airport. And of course Mistress enjoys her “morning cock”,  particularly when the hard steel ring for my cock cage is firmly in place.

And with a little less time required to prepare meals and nag teens to do their homework, there is all the more time in the evening for the proper use of Mistress’s cock.

Yesterday evening there was even a little extra accelerant for some post-work maneuvers in Mistress’s executive suite.

She had a late afternoon visit from her new “Dom”, Francois.

What’s nice about the empty nest is that there’s no reason Mistress can’t entertain “guests”. So Francois stopped by for a little iced tea and some conversation.

(Mistress has directed me to keep a little veil of privacy down about whatever else might be happening between them, and her wish is my command on that front).

“He couldn’t stay very long, Slave… he had some personal business of his own to take care of….”

Understandable. But he does show signs of showing Mistress the sort of extra attention that she certainly deserves.

“So what did you talk about, Mistress?”

“Oh, we covered lots of things…. I didn’t know, for example, that he used to be a professional cyclist.”

“Impressive, Mistress.”

“And we talked about how hard it was for me to find a proper Dom”.

“Did he have any theories?”

“He says I’m way too intimidating for most American guys…. They wouldn’t know what to do with me….”

“I definitely buy that theory….”

By now I was experiencing a certain degree of pain below the belt.

“Would you consider unlocking the cage, Mistress?”

“Ohh… my poor Slave…. is this uncomfortable for you?”

(Did I mention that when I got home she was wearing a black tank top. And nothing else.  The site of her clean shaven folds may have contributed to my discomfort).

Soon we were in bed. (Actually, Mistress was in bed, and I was on my knees.)Slave was grazing. And when I made sure that Mistress had a suitable orgasm, she was kind enough to free her cock.

At that point, our bike ride was put on hold for about an hour as we resorted to more amorous forms of exercise.

I wonder if the “drive by Dom” will stop by again today?


beingaisha said...

Nice to have a new character in the story line - I can't remember if you already said ~ does Francois read here?


Aimee said...

Glad to see you both are getting enough exercise to stay in shape ;)

Curious to see where things with Francois go.

Mistress Aimee

Donna said...

Go Molly!

The idea of you being turned on when Molly talked to you about Francois made me smile. It makes me very sexually excited to hear Bill tell about someone coming onto him, what he was thinking and what his physical reactions were. It may be a sub thing or a cuckoldress thing maybe...I don't know, but it's sure a turn on thing.

Looking forward to hearing more.


WC said...


This should be interesting and fun watching what happens,

But Francois cut the Euro bull shit,

"way to intimidating for American guys,they wouldn't know what to do with you"


Good thing none of us Americans came from Europe

And thank good for American woman you came to save them

The doesn't like Euro bull shit,


Donna said...

Well WC,

I don't see that the comment was an affront to all American Doms, but a description of what many intelligent and well-read women run into on a regular basis. Since most women in BDSM tend to be intelligent and well-read, you can extrapolate from there.

I unintentionally seem to intimidate many males here, too, while the Europeans I have spent time with are almost always less intimated by my personality as well as less bothered by my disability.

I think it has less to do with the genetics of the situation and more to do with being raised in a more open and accepting climate that, in general, gives many Europeans, male and female, a different outlook.

Bill is always popular with ladies and I suspect that is due to his openness in accepting them just as they are, without expectation.

While an American through and through, Bill attended boarding schools and spend most of his middle and teenage years with best friends and favorite teachers from Europe. I think that accounts for his mindset being so different from the rest of his family.

In the end, no matter the reasons given or not voiced, if what is unfolding is good for Molly and Mick then I am happy for them.


WC said...

Well maybe so Donna,

I worked for years with Euros and I found the good the bad and the ugly with them just like Americans.

Generalizations are never true,


for the prrposes of Mick's blog

I think conflict is more interesting

Too funny,

I can see much more hyjinks comming,

anyway I hope so,

The still doesn't like European pomposity,

But is greatly amused,


Anonymous said...

'Eurotrash' has no problem being called Eurotrash. Only insecure people sling names out, as if they are back in the wild west, drawing a 6 shooter. And yes in general Eurotrash is more accepting of females as they are

Darn now I have to get an ID. This is just as bad a the ins