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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Slave's Comeuppance

It had been a stressful week for Molly and Mick. So with the kids gone for two days, we had made sure to have a very unscheduled Saturday.

Of course, there was time for some morning sex, then Mistress had an appointment for hair maintenance, while I did some yard work. By 11::30 or so, we were back at home together, getting on our bikes and doing a good hill climb before some time at our local swim club.

Mistress swam about 40 laps, as her dutiful Slave read the Times. Then we hopped back on our bikes for the ride home.

That left a good bit of the afternoon for us to loll in bed, before heading to an evening party at some friends’ home.

“I do like the kids being away, Slave…. it almost makes me feel like we are newly weds.”

I agreed, and look forward to their more permanent departures in just two weeks.

I stopped in the kitchen to prepare a snack, and when I got upstairs, Mistress was already in bed, in the buff, chatting with the WC.

He was curious about whether it was one of those Saturday’s when Slave gets a good ass fucking.

“We’re both pretty tired right now, M. But there’s plenty of time.”

She gave me a look as I was stripping off my bathing suit and t-shirt … one of those knowing smiles, laughing with M about my likely “plight”.

Once she signed off, we settled into some books, but were soon snoozing. About an hour or so later we were woken by some text messages from Molly’s sister, and a phone call from our second sullen teen.

The “drama” was about the teen’s apparent unhappiness that her slightly older sister was going on a college wardrobe shopping spree on Michigan Ave., while the younger one was shut out because she had already spent too much on “stuff” during her recent NYC trip.

This provoked the Slave into a bit of a huffy rant about spoiled kids not appreciating what they’ve got…. Yadda … yadda….

Apparently Mistress filed this away for later.

When it came time for is to shift our attention to more carnal pursuits, Mistress asked me to get her “equipment”, her harness,  her faux cock, and the container of lube.

Once I obtained what she was looking for, and placed it on the little table at her side of the bed, I noticed something I’d not gotten out, laying on the sheet next to me.

Her riding crop.

“Uhhhh…. What’s this doing out, Mistress?”

Actually, I thought I’d been a pretty worthy slave this week, not that any particular excuses are required if Mistress chooses to discipline her Slave.

Se told me to get on my stomach on the bed, she picked up her crop, and I could feel it slowly tracing little patterns on my ass.

“save, you were very helpful and supportive this week …. But that rant this afternoon …. You know I don’t like all that complaining and whining, it suggests maybe I’ve been a bad role model for our girls….”

I considered trying  to explain that they are virtual adults, and that when I complain about their behavior it is not intended to criticize their hard working Mom…. But that train had already left the station.

So I simply took my medicine.

Mistress lit into me with a flurry of slaps from that nasty crop. Hard ones, in quick succession. She had me squirming on the bed, my mouth biting into a pillow to squelch my “yeowwls” of discomfort.

She clearly was determined to instruct me on the error of my ways.

And she definitely succeeded.

After a brief pause she said, “Hmmm…. I think those really hurt, don’t they slave….”

“Uhhh….. yeah…. They really do…..”

“Well then just one or two more then.”

They were two particularly hard ones. Mistress is wielding a mean crop these days.

When she finally put down her weapon, I moaned in relief. Her hands rubbed the little stripes she had left behind.

That felt nice.

“Ohhh, my…. Your ass really is  pretty red, Slave. I think I’ll take a picture and send it to M, since he was so curious about what we might be up to today.”

She took up her I-phone and texted it off to M.   And she sent it via email to me.

“Make sure you post this tomorrow, Slave….”

"Of, course, Mistress."

I’m sure M enjoyed seeing the sometimes arrogant Executive Editor get his comeuppance.

By then she was cinching up her harness, applying  some lube and telling me to assume my position.

My ass now just had a warm glow to it, which seemed to warm up the work-a-day cock too. The combination of a firm cropping followed by Mistress’s deployment of her strap-on certainly pushes my buttons, it seems.

And Mistress certainly seemed to relish the moment as well. She seemed to come more than once in little jerks and enthused moans as she pumped into her Slave from behind.

When she had her fill of me, tossing her harness aside for me to clean and tuck away later, she took another look at my ass.

“You know, I think it’s even redder now, Slave.”

She picked up our camera and took another shot --- so you now have another shot, for comparison’s sake. 

And even this morning, I can still feel that glow. An extra motivation, no doubt, for Switch Day…. Kids away edition.


beingaisha said...

Wow. Nice pictures, Mick - ow!! can't wait to read how switch day goes.


sin said...

You've commented before that Molly has final approval of any photos, I wonder how you feel about not having that approval for photos of you Mick? Though they are nice photos.

I think your second teen is going to Europe for a year? Depending on where, all the clothes will be different anyway. For example if she's going to France she only needs black. If she's going to England, she only needs waterproof and wellies.

And once again I am struck by your ability to just roll with things, to suck it up and say sorry Mistress, and take your punishment, even when you don't feel you deserve it. If I could learn that I could rule the world!


Donna said...

You know Mick, I suspect that even when the teens are completely on their own somehow your butt will suffer the same fate from time to time. And yes, that is the voice of experience speaking.

You didn't mention it, but can I assume you eventually ended up buried to the hilt in one of your favorite warm spots? Surely, Mistress didn't leave you...hanging?


UCTMW Enterprises Management Team said...

Have no fear, Donna. Mick was not left hanging. at the end of the day, I still remain a pampered house slave,


Anonymous said...

That was Saturday, right? If I'm not mistaken, Sunday is Switch Day? Might Molly have jumped the gun, with the crop? Hee Hee Hee.


UCTMW Enterprises Management Team said...

Anon3- I must say my freshly reddened bottom was top of mine this am.


Myli said...

Oh wow, those pictures look painful! I love being spanked and I never realize the pain until later. I hope you were able to sit ok. Have fun with switch day!

Harry Haversackers said...


I often wonder, when someone mentions Empty Nest Syndrome, what the hell they're thinking. Our two girls have been gone for years now, but we, like you, definitely went through a second honeymoon phase right after they departed. Wonderful kids, but...

And the strap-on session... Well, God damn, it sounded hot. I enjoy it much more when Mrs Haversackers gets off while pounding my behind.

I'm waiting now to hear what happens on Switch Day tomorrow.

All the best,

WC said...

I am back from the casino now and just reading the blog.

It funny, I think this is the latest I have ever read the blog, 5 pm here.

Great post Mick

M and Mare always going round and about having adventures,

My heros,

The loves his daily dose of M and M

and is not sucking up ( though it might look like it)

His Honor,

The Court,

Judge Miguel