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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Slave Solo

Mistress is off to the East Coast version of the City by the Bay with our sullen teen II, taking a tour of some college campuses.

She’s left me here in River City, with no babysitter, unlike the well supervised Tammy at All Mine. Though I do have our other teen to keep an eye on (and keep an eye on me).

Mistress went to the trouble of waking a little earlier than needed this am, making time for us to engage in some wake up sex, before we were both in the shower. I know I will miss our typical “two a days” while she is gone, and I suspect Mistress may be a little horny too before she gets home, since she and our daughter will be sharing a room on the banks of the River Charles.

I do have some rather unambiguous rules to follow while she is gone: my cage must be worn every day; I will send her a photo of me in it in the am, and of course she has the right to request a photo during the day, just to make sure I did not shed it earlier than allowed.

(I suppose I am being cut a break in that there are no “keyholders” minding my status while she is away).

I also need to ask permission to take the cage off at the end of the day. Today Mistress was generous enough to cut me some slack so I could take a bike ride before preparing dinner for our daughter and myself.

Meanwhile, out on the Coast, Mistress and our other daughter were enjoying a hearty seafood meal. Our daughter was pining for a lobster and seems to have scored.

Of course, the sad part is that Mistress is not too far from Jay and Tammy, from ALL Mine, who are sorely missing Suzanne. The thought of Mistress pitching in on the babysitting watch certainly is appealing.

But while I know Mistress is dying of curiosity to meet both of them, there is also a little trepidation about the notion of “blogs worlds” colliding. And it might be a little hard to explain who these intriguing guys are to the sullen teen.

“Mommy… exactly how do you know these guys?”

It could be a little hard to explain.

Tonight, before she went back to her hotel room and those prying ears, Mistress asked me if I wanted o exercise the privilege of taking matters into my own hands tonight.

“I’m probably OK tonight Mistress.  We had some hot sex this morning,
after all.”

That’s true, Slave, but I want you to do it on the morning when you wake up, and email me about what you were thinking about….”

“I think I can handle that assignment, Mistress.”

And so I shall.

Before shutting down for the evening, I did want to thank Donna for her very evocative post on Monday. She left a comment, and sent me an email, wondering whether her subject was a little too deep and sober for these pages.

“I don’t want to hurt your traffic at UFCTMW, Mick by bringing people down”, was the gist of her message.

Donna, not to worry.  It’s nice that you  add a touch of class to these sordid pages from time to time.  I can pander away with hot photos of Mistress and my snarky commentary the other 6 days of the week.

And if that doesn’t work, I can always toss in an ancient file photo of our Western Correspondent.


beingaisha said...

Love the picture~ and totally agree that Donna adds a touch of class... or at least a different kind of class, since you and your Mistress are a pretty classy pair yourselves.

Hope you get through her absence without too much angst!


Anonymous said...

I am busy using my energy to sweat in the hotel gym and huff through college tours..miss Mick very much

sin said...

Donna adds something different and fun. And thing aren't all happy all the time...

Donna said...

Thanks guys,

So Mick, are you going to share with us that email to Molly describing what you were thinking about while taking matters into your own hands? Of course we know the who, the question is what scene or fantasy with Molly was most...stimulating this morning.

That picture of the WC and his happy friends always makes me laugh.


WC said...

That is a fun picture, however my stomach is no longer quite so tight.

The wishes he still had that body,


Donna said...

Well WC, the sad thing is that we wouldn't know. You haven't send in photos like the rest of us. Everyone here at UCTMW has bared some bits for the readers. Everyone but you.

It doesn't have to be a Congressional style crotch shot, how about maybe a bit of ass?

Just doing my part to keep it classy,

WC said...

Haha Donna,

I have sent many pictures to our beloved and beneficent CEO.

The include x rated and vanilla pictures.

However I am on strict orders from B & B CEO

Not to distribute those with out her approval,

For the record I'm fine with any of the pictures being forwarded to you,


You have to take the matter up with Molly or Mick

The is alway glad to hear from Donna,


sissy tammy said...

Hey're correct, could be difficult explaining some things! Unfortunately, both Jay and i are miles and miles away this week. Glad you enjoyed some lobster and fresh seafood!