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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Heading West

Mistress and her Slave are heading west this morning. With the sullen teens settled into their new if temporary homes, we are finally taking a little deferred time off. and since we do not have a very tight schedule in terms of return, we've elected to go overland, with a few stops along the way.

We're entertaining ourselves here in the UCTMW Mobile unit with a wifi connection, and NPR and the Grateful Dead alternating on the sound system.

A deer head, retrieved from Grandma's house, with a full set of antlers, is peering at us over the back seat.

It wouldn't have fit in an overhead rack.

That was another reason to go overland.

I took the first shift at the helm. Now Mistress is steering us into Illinois.

The wifi connection allowed me to check all of those comments from yesterday.

19 comments yesterday.  wow.  Good pot stirring Donna, I may retire.

And there was one more provocative comment on the subject of "slut" from Vanessa Chaland, new to these pages. In her view, "slut" is no longer a perjorative, as Aisha and others suggested. But she added that the word "skank" is the new "slut".  I can buy that. 

Obviously, we are lucky to have such a prolific staff writer like Donna, willing and so capable to fill in and keep the conversation going when the pampered house Slave gets too busy (or lazy).

Now I know some of you would like Donna and Bill to start their own blog. If they did, it would be like one of those SitCom spin offs. But we know how those go. "Mary Tyler Moore" begat "Rhoda" and "Lou Grant". "All in the Family" spun off  "The Jeffersons" and "Maude". And all of the Sienfeld characters (except Jerry) have had their own shows.

I ask you dear readers: Was the spin-off ever as good as the original?

So we hope Donna and Bill stay on the team here at UCTMW, even if it means occassional Amex Card abuse.

Unfortunately, our early departure cut into our wake-up sex. a little while ago, cruising across Indiana, I mentioned to Mistress that I woke with a very hard cock.

What? .... you didn't tell me, Slave?"

"I didn't want to distract you Mistress.... I mean.... one thing would have led to another, and we would have ended up back asleep.... we'd probably still be in bed now."

I'm not sure that Mistress was pleased.  Her slogan seems to be "never let a good hard cock go to waste."

If so, I may be due for a punishment before we hit the Santa Fe trail in Kansas City.


Aimee said...

Central Illinois is one of my least favorite places to drive through (flat and empty!), but I hope you have a good trip (and are properly punished!)

I think your shared blog is a great opportunity, and it is nice to see the variety of voices that are presented here. No need for a spin-off!

Mistress Aimee

WC said...

For what its worth I think you should stay too

The puts his two cents in,


Bill, Dir. of Security UCTMW, Int said...

I would add Ed Schultz and Thom Hartman to the mix, but the Grateful Dead, I'm all over that one! Have a safe trip and my Mistress have her hard cock when ever she wants!

Donna said...

I appreciate the comments Mick, please rest assured that we are happy right here at UCTMW where we feel we belong.

I have been looking for holiday gift ideas, and I think I may cross-stitch Mistress' slogan, "Never let a good hard cock go to waste!" for our friends and relatives. It expresses a sentiment dear to my heart and is a motto Bill and I live by.

I would add some of Abba's 70's music to the mix in your car. It is so freeing to roll down the windows and sing along at the top of your lungs...especially at stop lights. :)

Back to polishing my leathers,

UCTMW Enterprises Management Team said...

Actually Mistress's slogan is "a hard cock is a terrible thing to waste".

So far we've made it to mid-Missouri. Some golf ball sized hush puppies were found at a sketchy fish joint at lunch time.


Donna said...

Plop-plop, fizz fizz, oh what a relief it is...

If you're old enough to hum along with that little advertising jingle, you are probably also of an age when it would be wise to pick up a package of those fizzies and keep them close by for just that type of hush puppy encounter.

Either that or you could pick up some of that pink stuff in a bottle that tastes very much like pink Canadian mints.


beingaisha said...

Dear Mick and Molly,

I'm so happy for you - that you have this time to spend together.

Love the slogan - that's awesome.

And ok, I think Donna should have her own blog, but not if she doesn't want to....


nilla said...

great post this morning, (tho i read it at night, waiting for Master to call)...
funny...i am right there with Mistress's slogan....

have fun, be safe, and yeah. If not the pink bottle, the purple pill that should soothe those acidic puppies in your tum tum...( ball sized??)

i ate my first donut in YEARS Sunday, just in case Irene did us in...paid for that all afternoon...

so i know of whence i speak! could try to do a sex act in every state you go through....*laughing*


sin said...

"A sex act in every state?? Interesting challenge.