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Friday, August 12, 2011


With little to report from River City, I am resorting once again to sultry images of Mistress from adventures past to catch your eye. I hope you will take the photo as a fair substitute for recounting any adventures here, where  I remain a sad and lonely Slave, pining for my Mistress.

I wonder if she'll remember the when and where of this particular switch day if she has a chance to look at the blog this morning before she and the sullen teen head out for their final day of college visits before they head back to us here tomorrow morning.

Our WC understands how bereft of bloggable content I am without Mistress here as my muse. At some point yesterday afternoon he sent be a text message; "This is no way to find bog fodder."

So true, WC.

Once again, I spent my workday in the cage. I was fortunate to get early release authorization as I drove home last night, allowing me to go for a bike ride before assuring that the elder teen was well fed. I'm marveling that she is staying home and making her Dad tend to her needs, only a week before she heads off to start the next phase of her life.

Then I settled into watching the enemy combatants take the stage for the latest GOP Presidential debate. Scary stuff for those of you who think that those who hope to lead our diminished nation should have at least some limb planted in reality. The only mildly amusing Q and A was when some hapless reporter asked the Congresswoman from Mars , errr, Minnesota, what she meant when she said she was happy to "submit" to her husband, as the bible dictates.

Sadly, the response did not involve anything to do with chains, collars, or cock worship. and if you've checked out Marcus Bachmann, you can probably understand why.
But then Michelle showed her claws, bitch slapping her former Governor into a cowering hunk of flesh. I wonder how many stitches it took for his cut man to close the claw marks she left on his face during their next poddy break.

Maybe Michelle is really more Domme than Sub.

Last night, as we talked before bedtime, Mistress and I came to grips with the fact that  suddenly it is now  less than a week before our little nest is cleared out. I know, you've been hearing this dumbeat for a while now. But, in reality, the time has flown for us.

This weekend, we have a family funeral to attend a few hours away. The girls will be joining us, which is going to cramp our hopes for some quick and dirty goings on after these four nights of solitude. Then, back in River City on Sunday night, we need to get them packed up and ready to fly: one off to Europe on Wednesday for her final year of high school; the other off to college on Thursday just 90 minutes or so away.

So while things may be a little harried here, with not nearly enough time for our typical naughty these next few days..... a week from this morning we will be waking in our empty home.  

Stay tuned.

Now it's time for Slave to go shower, cage up, and face the day.

Have a good one all, and if you see Mistress on the streets of Boston today, tell her her Slave misses her.


Donna said...

Oh wow, you were able to get an advance shot of the husband and wife team who have agreed to star in the XXX remake of Dirty Dancing. Lucky you.

The photo of Mistress is beautiful. It looks as though she is resting peacefully in subspace following a session. Love that picture and that thought, too.


Bill, Dir. of Security, UCTMW said...

Lovely picture of Mistress and as for that shot of the Rethuglicans, well we need the other just for contrast.

WC said...


Cant they go somewhere and start their own country, and leave the rest of alone and free to practice our commie, socialist, godless, heathen, hedonistic ways?


The poor old beaten down WC

Cant take any more Gays, Guns and God



KEEP THE GOVERNMENT OUT OF MY MEDICARE, you can't make this stuff up.

But, I am sure that the race to the bottom will continue.

When did education become a bad thing?

I guess that makes us snobby elites.

Oh well,

As bad as Texas Christians were for the country

The WC for one,

Is glad we have a Muslin from Kenya running the countries business,



The proud but beaten down Lefty,


nilla said...


egads. 40 minutes from me. Then again, i'm in a wee backwater, not at all the delightful cosmopolitans that you and Mistress are...i am by far, a Country Mouse *smiles*

great pic...soft and sexy and sensual...


sissy tammy said...


These pictures are killing me!

Expecting reality in last night's "debate"? You're expectations were way too high :)


Anonymous said...

Hey Gang,
Molly here..first I have been able to glimpse this is about 18 months ago in our florida home and that bed is from my first marriage. I remember it all Mick! I miss you too! We will have to control ourselves this weekend but we are days away from a naked lifestyle..
more soon

beingaisha said...

Gosh, Mick, I can hear the melancholy note of you missing your Mistress all the way down river here... I know you'll be glad when she gets home.

I'm glad you have some lovely pictures of your Mistress to keep you company!

As for Michelle B - omigod. She has surely cured me of any personal bias towards women in politics.