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Monday, August 15, 2011

Sunday on the Road

Considering the reason for our road trip – the funeral of a beloved family matron – Mistress and Slave made sure we took advantage of our sumptuous suite a few blocks away from the crowded Fairfield Inn where our sullen teens had been parked for the evening.

Sleeping apart for several nights, both of us had some catching up to do in the sleep department on Saturday night. But when we woke Sunday we had a couple of hours before dressing for the graveside ceremony.

That gave Slave sometime to take some photos of our suite to share with you. 

There were some rather explicit lamps on the side tables next to the bed.

Then here is a more expansive view of our bed, as  Mistress polished a blog she had written for her vanilla site.

It gives you a good view of the four poster bed. 

Sunday morning I was still regretting not having packed some suitable restraints. But out of respect for the occasion (as well as a lack of suitable implements), Mistress and Slave passed on our more traditional Sunday morning activities.

Of course, that did not prevent us from taking advantage of the large, cozy bed in more traditional ways. And afterwards, both of us spent, I made sure to take a picture of Mistress, if only to make reparations for those of you who were grossed out by that shot of Michelle Bachmannn practicing her skills on that corn dog yesterday.

After Mistress and her slave had fully exploited that bed, Mistress decided to take a bath in the lovely claw foot tub.

 Mistress looks fetching with nothing but bubbles.


Bill, Dir. of Security UCTMW said...

Have a safe trip and more to the point, Mistress would look good in a potato sack, bubbles are like gilding a Lilly!

beingaisha said...

Your Mistress always looks fetching, but the bubbles are a nice touch! I like the bed too...