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Friday, August 19, 2011

Another Girl Off....

We got ‘er done.

Teen two was dropped off at her dorm yesterday. Amazingly, all the stuff she felt compelled to bring actually fit in the room, and there was even room left for her roommate’s stuff too.

There were no tears of loss shed this time. She’s really only about an hour away, so surely there will be opportunities to drop by unexpectedly, or for her to show up with a posse of co-eds and several bushels of dirty laundry at some unexpected and inconvenient time.

(Note to Slave: change locks and entry code on garage door opener).

We even got home from this “final mission of parenthood” (who am I kidding?) by around 4:30 pm. Time for a bike ride, a stop at the local pool so Mistress could swim some laps, and then home to the newly emptied “nest”.

We fixed a picnic style dinner, and took our grub and two bottles of wine out onto the deck and wallowed in our liberation, reflecting on the years that had passed with frightening speed.

“Have we really ever spent any extended solo time together like this, Slave?”

“Well there have been some summer camp interregnums.   And weekends when they or we were gone, but… I guess not since we moved in together back in 1991….”

“But I was pregnant then, Slave….”

“True…. We had those 4 or 5 months before teen one was born….”

“We had pretty great sex when you were pregnant, Mistress….”

That was a long time ago…. Before the name Monica Lowinski became synonymous with peek-a-boo thongs,   cigars and stained dresses.

Soon we found our way back inside.

Mistress noted our new found freedom as she shed her cloths and explored the recently abandoned teen caves down the hall. Not nearly as trashed as we had feared.

“Now we can just walk around naked if we want, Slave….”

True.  And Slave does not have to worry about a teen getting a glimpse of my cock cage.

It was time to exploit our new privileges.

“Put in your device Slave (my aneros)…. I want the super hard cock tonight.”

“I don’t think that will be a problem, Mistress.”

So I followed instructions as Mistress watched from the bed. a glass of wine in her hand and a come hither smirk on her face.

Just then her text chime went off.  She peered at the little screen.

“It’s the WC Slave…. he wants to know what we’re doing. “

She tapped away.

“I’m telling him I’m about to fuck my Slave….”

A little chime went off again as I was heading for the bed.

“He says it’s his Anniversary tomorrow, Slave…. wants ideas on what to get B.”

“Maybe he should give her a contract like we have Mistress…. With the free pass in it….”

“Hmmmm…. Not so sure he’d go for that….”

I was in bed next to Mistress now, applying my lips and tongue to their higher and better use.  Mistress had tucked the I-phone away, shifting it to “silent”.

And once that first orgasm was in the books, she was toying with her cock, driving me crazy in the way she does so well. Soon I was begging for the privilege to fuck her.

“Patience, Slave….. I think I need to ride it for a while first.”

And of course, she did.  We may need to get her a cowboy hat, she does it so well, riding it to several moaning cums before she rolled over and let me finish the job from above.

Before we went to sleep, she reminded me of my obligation in the morning.

“When you come upstairs to me tomorrow, I want the ring for your cock cage already in place Slave…. it always makes for a nice morning treat. Then it’s back in the cage for you.”

“Of course, Mistress.”


sin said...

The song for this should be "Save a horse; ride a cowboy".

And oh the time seems to go so fast sometimes and so slow at others. It's funny, isn't it, that your kids would go at exactly the same time. Mine are years apart so that probably won't happen and would I want it to? Sometimes I guess...

Thanks for the view into your lives.

WC said...

Very interesting Mick,

B and I have never really had any time with just the two of us either.

B got pregnant

WC said...


Didnt mean to post that

B got pregnant with in a moth or so after we married.

I am very curious to see how it goes for you guys,

The curious,


Donna said...

I must say that the word "unexpected' gives me pause, whether relates to you visiting your teen at college, or your teen showing up at your home.

It's probably time to institute the "No Surprise Visits" rule. While you may not want her to walk in on the two of you enjoying a bit of swinging BDSM, she doesn't want you to walk in on something special happening in her dorm room, either.

I think the cowboy hat for Molly is perfect, and maybe some chaps and spurs, too. And now she can scream out "Yee-haw" at the top of her lungs. Absolutely perfect!

Happy Trails!

beingaisha said...

This is the beginning of more exciting times for both of you - I'm happy for you two, and for your daughters as they begin their launch into the real world.

Enjoy ~ I'll look forward to reading about it!!