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Monday, August 29, 2011


Not much time for blogging today, or for the next couple of days. If all goes well we will be heading out by car to our mountain hideaway by this time tomorrow morning. In the meantime, we have lots of work related activity planned.

Yesterday, the powers of something or other did through a hatchet into our typical switch day activities.

It was a beautiful sunny day here when I got up.

But the power was off.

Maybe it was a sympathetic outage, with our grid feeling as one with its more harried grids on the east coast.

Regardless, it's hard to do a proper switch day with the "power tool" to "torture" Mistress with. It all got a little distracting, and soon my oral worship of Mistress turned into a full bore conventional session of love making in her executive suite, with Mistress riding her "work-a-day" cock to several rather impressive cums. 

Considering all the stresses and strains on her body over the last few days, I think it was probably good not to subject her to too much "abuse" yesterday.  But rest assured, I plan to pack lots of our equipment for our trip west. Maybe she'll give me a rain check?

On our bike ride later in the morning, Mistress had a strange question.

"Am I acting too much like a slut, Slave?"

"Why, Mistress?

"You know, this thing with Francois?"

"Of course not, Mistress .... when I think of the term "slut", I think of someone going to bars picking up a different guy every night.... You've been very careful on both recruiting and  selecting someone to ... shall we say.... supplement the style of sex you and I have...."

She seemed satisfied with this response.  But I realized that the term "slut" itself has a certain ambiguity these days.

One dictionary definition says a "slut" is a "slovenly or promiscuous woman".

Well we all know Mistress takes pride in her grooming. And "promiscuous" is certainly laden with value judgments.

Of late, women seem to have been embracing the term. Even here in River City, we had a "slut walk" in the last few weeks, with women all tarted up in various stages of undress (or kinky dress) to reject the notion that a woman who dresses, shall we say ... provacatively.... is somehow "asking for it."

Yesterday in the Times, an article discussed whether a fraternity invitation at Duke for women to show up at a Halloween party in "slutty" attire, attracted lots of feminist ire, and lots of sluttily attired coeds.
(Here's the link)

So I'm not sure a "slut" is what she used to be. and I know some of you in the blog world have embraced the term in your own "wanton" way.

So what's your take... is Mistress a slut? and is that a good thing or a bad thing?


sin said...

Hi Mick, good link. It's a complicated question isn't it?

Bill, Dir. of Security UCTMW, Int said...

By common definition a slut is an easy woman. To be that you have to lower your barriers and go for anything. Mistress defiantly is not a slut, a connoisseur of fine cock and refined gentleman yes, slut, no! Nice picture, great way to start a Monday.

Suzanne said...

I'm in Bill's camp on this one. You can't slap the slut label on anyone so selective. Connoisseur of fine that term!


Little Butterfly said...

Fascinating article. Guess I'm kinda on both sides about all of that: sometimes people make things too big of a deal, and sometimes people act very unclassy, without any thought to consequences or feelings or how they are perceived.

As for Mistress Molly... no, I can't really see that term being applied to her, even after seeing it used in the less conventional and more appealing ways that I have seen it on our fellow bloggers' sites. Some women it certainly fits in a not-good way, and some it fits in a good way and they can embrace it and have fun with it. Mistress Molly, maybe it's just the sub in me, but to me you seem very... ladylike, sensual, classy... I don't know. Hotly sexual, but not slutty. :)

nilla said... interesting question.

and i guess i'm a "selective slut"...i'm not going to go out and 'bang' any guy coz he's a guy (or a girl for the same reason!)

i'm a slut for my Master.
Wanton, up for *almost* anything He wants from me.

and i'm a "kept" slut...reserved exclusively for His use.

i'm not even an "orgasm slut" the way i used to be, since He controls the 'when' of them (and trust me, denial is hawt and never goes very long--it only seems like eons to go 48 hours w/o an O!!)

Yet he calls me a slut, and i refer to myself that way, in my blog, and with Master. is a derogatory comment in the general scheme of things. I've heard of slutwalks, and support the idea behind it, that how you dress shouldn't be an excuse for being assaulted.

I just think when the term is used in a D/s connotation, the meaning is altered so much as to make it quite different from the more "base" use of it.

who, despite 6" of rain and some good gusts of wind--NEVER lost power yesterday!!

WC said...

Definatly not a slut

Molly you are pure class m

Molly's very dear friend,


beingaisha said...

So, I think "slut" is a word used to create shame in women for enjoying sex and not being monogamous. Slut shaming is practically a national pastime. I get caught in this dilemma too, the "how much puts me over that line?" question.

When it's Molly we're talking about, it's much easier for me to see what a ridiculous question that is.

Why would we need to label anybody a "slut" in a pejorative manner? Because they have sex too often with different people? So what? Why would we think it's up to us to judge them for their sexual choices at all?

We are wonderfully sexual beings. If what you're doing doesn't feel right to you, Molly, that's one thing.

But I think either all of us who embrace our sexuality are sluts, or none of us are sluts. I'm not about to get up on the judgement seat and proclaim someone else the wrong kind of slut, or a bad slut. Least of all Molly.



Donna said...

Is slut one of those words with two, diametrically opposite meanings? I'm thinking of the word "bad" a few years ago, when it might mean awful, or it might mean really good.

I have seen the word "slut" used as a term of endearment as well as ownership on some BDSM sites and in much BDSM fiction. It is also used to state someone's preference as in "he/she is a real pain slut", so I don't know what the word means anymore.

Molly is a classy intelligent woman who knows what she wants and her husband is fully aware, completely on board and even turned on by it. There is nothing slutty about that.


UCTMW Enterprises Management Team said...

Thanks for all the great comments. I'm surprised we didn't get an "anonymous" yes vote.


Vanessa Chaland said...

I think whatever negative implications that were formerly reserved for the word "slut" have been removed. Slutty is good, "skanky" means what slut used to mean, and is now bad. :)