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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Mistress Addresses Some New Developments

On day two of our Empty Nest days, Mistress and her devoted Slave rested. 

After some leisurely wake up sex, there was a civic engagement in the morning. We saw lots of family, friends and a handful of local politicians. So of them are already thinking of ways they can “book us” for their amusement or support now that we’ve driven our children off. 

We were very non-commital.

Slave mowed the lawn, and did some other “outdoor slave” jobs. We went for a bike ride. Mistress did some laps at the local pool, while Slave read the Times.

Then we were back home. A nice afternoon nap, followed by… well, what did you expect.

“It’s almost like we’re on vacation, Mistress. But we are just at home.”

“True, Slave.”

We were even too lazy to go out to the movies, instead finding an obscure Woody Allen movie, Alice,  from about 1990 that somehow we had missed. It was during those “Molly and Mick secretly dating years”. And neither of our spouses were as deeply into Woody as we were / are. So there was the young, charmingly coy Mia Farrow. William Hurt. Bernadette Peters.  We sipped our wine, shared a little picnic, and relished in our new found independence.

And with Mistress’s legs splayed wide on the couch next to me, tie-dye dress hiked to her hips, skimpy semi-transparent black panties barely cloking her clean shaven folds and their intoxicating aroma, Slave could not help fingering her to another mid-evening cum as we watched the goofy but romantic plot line unfold.

Yesterday we did get an interesting question from a commenter from across the pond (I guess I am assuming that the Suffolk he’s referring to is in England, not Suffolk Co., NY ).

The question was whether Mistress’s extracurricular activities are limited to “phone sex”. 

In fact, our contract allows her free sexual range. It seemed only fair at the time it was drafted, since Slave had committed his own indiscretion. And then, even as we were writing it up, the notion of Mistress exercising her contractual rights in that way was discovered to be a turn on for both of us. 
 (There is a link to our contract to the right of this post).

That little fizz of arousal came before Slave even understood that there was a whole cult of cuckold out there, as exemplified by the goings on over at ALL Mine, and elsewhere.

Mistress suggested I write a little about why this notion seems to get her Slave going. And it’s elusive to articulate.

If submission is a turn on for me and others, I suppose it makes sense that surrendering the monopoly over one’s spouse is the ultimate act of submission. And therefore the ultimate submissive sexual accelerant.

Setting aside the submission kink, I do like to see Mistress happy and fulfilled. And horny. It seems to give her a little extra sexual glow when  another man has the hots for her.  Who can blame her?  That glow always seems to inure to my benefit, since she seems all the more eager to exploit her readily available “work-a-day” cock.

As it has turned out, Mistress has only previously exercised her rights with one other person. After a few encounters, she decided that he did not have what it took to make for a long term part of her world. But she's been open to possibilities, and has also had some tantalizing long distance encounters with our WC.

After we discussed the question that had been posed, and Mistress asked me to address it, she also decided to write a few paragraphs herself on recent developments here at UCTMW:

Molly’s POV

To take a page from our buddies at All Mine,  I determined that it’s time for me to have a few words. I know that we have created quite a mystery over here. Permit me to fill in a few blanks.

Yes, our two darling daughters are now gone and while we miss them, the quiet is needed. I have raised children for 19 year’s, Mick for a collective 34 (you heard right). I have always worshiped the ground he walks on, but I know how tired I am from the small amount of 19 years.

Our home is peaceful and we can be naked all day. This will help with our environmental efforts to save water, as we will have fewer clothes to clean. My mom does live one mile away, but always phones prior to arrival and she is busier than we are so not worried about the drop in.

Yes, WC is still part of the empire and we are very much friends. The relationship with WC continues, but in a nonsexual way. Why? Candidly, it’s been the collective decision of all involved. Be decent to the WC, he is important to us friends.

Onto Francois.

Gang, I am not going to predict anything here. He and I have connected and seem to find one another interesting.  Mick and I have had some false starts in the part-time Dom search, so none of us can anticipate where this is headed. Just know though that we are all open to whatever happens.  I am lucky to have a slave who wants me to be so happy.

Our goal at Under Contract (contrary to the corporate type rag we pretend to me) is to take life day by day and to be happy. I, for one, have tired of angst and worry. “The times they are a changing.”



sin said...

There are some real words of wisdom from both of you here.

Thank you for the insights into submission and cuckoldry. You don't know how often I've wished that I could feel the same way about it as Mick does. I agree that it's a huge act of sexual submission, and I want that up to a point, and then the follow through is hard for me. But I think I'm learning.

Good luck with the changes in your lives. Forgoing angst for happiness seems like a very good plan.


beingaisha said...

O, it's wonderful to hear you falling into such peaceful and content ways of being. I'm so happy for you both.

Can't help wondering how long it will be before Mick stops counting the days the kids have been gone - but I love it.

And interesting stuff on submission and cuckoldry, Mick. Thanks for articulating that - you make it make sense, I think.

And great picture, as always.


Donna said...

Nice post, Molly and Mick!

Mick, you explained the submissive side of it very well and that sub feeling plays a big part in my side of our relationship. As you and the readers know, Bill and I have an open marriage.

Our most basic rules are that we are honest about being approached or attracted to others; we share all contact like emails, phone calls, etc,; we always practice safe sex; and we share all details.

I suppose the underlying support system of this is that we truly want this for one another. There are no petty jealousies and no sniping.

For my partner to be fulfilled, fulfills me.

Senior Correspondent,

sissy tammy said...

Molly and Mick,

i know i speak for both Suzanne and Jay when i wish you both nothing but the best in this endeavor.

It is indeed a deep act of submission, and a deeper act of Love

suffolk.sinner said...

Thank you for responding. I have read the contract, but several things have me puzzled and I'm wondering about how the decision-making and restructuring of the relationship came about. (I realize that my questions may be intrusive and impertinent; I've been known to be quite a pill, actually. But I am curious. If I am unbearable, then my comment can be deleted and no harm, no foul.)

For example, if Molly felt that Mick's indiscretion was so bad as to necessitate 24/7 surveillance and monitoring (cell phones and a cage), then why does Molly feel that indiscretions on her part are alright? Sauce for gander equalling sauce for goose? At what point then, if this is the case, is payback completed?

If the restructuring is not some form of penance or payback, then is the contract a redefining of your marriage expectations? If the goose is unfettered in setting her sights afield for, well, whatever, then why is the gander quite literally fettered?

If the answer is, "Well, I don't want to look elsewhere," what brought about the idea that Molly's playing the field would be a good addition to the relationship? The normal ...... strike that; after all, the idea of normal is now a fluid concept ...... the "Usual" response from a husband if a wife wanted to toss her heels with another man would be "Oh, Hell no!!" I'm pretty sure that if I found someone trying to bed my wife, my response to him would be along the lines of, "Get ready to die, 'cause I gonna keel you." I don't think I am claiming any special status by saying that such would be the "usual" response, and I am not saying it to be offensive.)

If Mick's 'indiscretion' was truly an indiscretion in the eyes of Molly, then it would appear that the two of you did have somewhat traditional views of marriage relationships, i. e., faithfulness to the marriage vows and partner. Now, however, the marriage vows seem to be replaced by a negotiated contract. How was this new concept of a marriage formulated? In the case of All Mine/Suzanne, the evolution of the marriage and relationship of an older (relatively speaking, Suzanne, no offense intended) woman and a younger, bisexual/gay husband seems organic. But I don't see the "natural" progression from traditional to contractual cuckolding. Well, I see it, but I don't comprehend it.

nilla said...

as almost everyone else has said, this is a beautiful treatise on the ongoing development of your relationship...

and Molly--understanding how private you are...thanks for taking the time to share a wee glimpse...

none of us can ever know where our relationships are "headed"...but if we can be fully, happily present in the here and now, isn't that fulfilling?

Happy wishes to you both,