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Friday, August 5, 2011

Back in His Cage

Molly worked from home yesterday, and took the kids to lunch before we put them on a fancy bus for a trip to the Windy City for the weekend.

Dare I say it: good riddance!!!!  They’ve been a little too close to home the last two weeks. It is their interregnum between their summer activities and their “new lives” – one off to college and the other off to a year of study abroad. But for some reason they seem unable over these last two weeks to get their asses…. Errr….pert little tushes, off the couch and do something productive, or even amusing.

I ask myself --- what would Mick have done on a summer day with car keys and some money in my pocket at age 18 or 19. There are an unlimited number of answers (including Woodstock). One of them is definitely not: stay at home and complain to Mommy and Daddy that I’m bored.

When 18 and 19 year olds constantly remind you that they are “bored”, and it seems our plates are way overloaded, I want to say “get a job”, or “pitch in”…. but enough of this rant.

The good news is that they are gone for a 3 nights leaving Molly and Mick alone at home.

Now, since we did not drive to work together, Mistress insisted that I wear my cage yesterday. She’s been pretty easy on me of late, mostly because we have been going to work together, and the heat has been stifling.

“I don’t want to be too cruel, Slave….”

But yesterday, and today as well are different stories.

“I think it’s time to get you used to that cage again, Slave.”

I made sure the hard steel ring was containing my cock and balls before I went up to serve Mistress yesterday morning. And after she finished my abbreviated blog, and after I had pleasured her with lips and tongue, she turned her attention to the work-a-day dick, already growing within the containment of that steel ring.

“Ummmm…. I’ve missed what this thing does to my cock….”

Sure enough, with some slight attention from those well manicured fingers, Mistress had at her disposal something that was rock hard and pointing directly at her.

The result generated several more cums for her, and a rather explosive one for me, despite some sleep deprivation, and the excellent treatment I had received just a few hours earlier.

Last evening, after we put the girls on the “Megabus”, (actually an upgrade from Greyhound with free wifi, that our little princesses found all too demeaning), we had the luxury of returning to our empty house.

Mistress released her cock from it’s cage. We rode our bikes over to a local comfort food restaurant for dinner and a beverage, then came home to that empty house once more.

At last, we could leave our bedroom door open for a change as we luxuriated in our privacy.

Of course, there was some blog catching up to do --- particularly amusing was a special guest appearance of Jay over at ALL Mine. You know, the guy with Suzanne’s trophy cock. He did an excellent job at explaining how Suzanne introduced him to the pleasures of his interactions with Tammy.

And then…. After that long day in the cage…. Well, I bet you get  the picture.


beingaisha said...

So glad you'll have some time to enjoy each other...


sissy tammy said...

Mick and Molly - There are some things that are always nice after a long day in the cage :) Hope you enjoy the weekend and the privacy!

WC said...

Pretty funny Mick about the 18 year olds being bored.

I did have a car and some cash at that age,

I was not bored


I am lucky to be alive.

There is no way I would let my kids do what I did back in the day.

Different times, no seat belts no bike helmuts and on and on.

Oh well, life moves on.

The overly protective Dad,


Jay said...


Thanks for the kudos over at All Mine! My efforts there are few and far between, but that will get better. Of course, they don't hold a candle to you and your cracker jack staff or Suzanne's and tammy's (figured I better get that in).

Also, thanks for taking a day off from pictures of Molly...was able to get some work done today :) My on dabbling in picture-taking of Suzanne has to be done undercover and doesn't always get the best of reactions when the finished product reaches publication.