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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

One Teen Off....

This morning we all head to the airport to dispatch our younger teen for a year in  Europe as part of a student exchange program.   She’s been matched with a family, and will be attending her final high school year over there.

While we’ve been having fun with the notion of the empty kinky nest, this day is suddenly upon us and well…. it’s kind of tough. This is the little cutie we taught to ski at age 4; who I coached on the soccer field through elementary school, who had Barney at her 4th birthday. All that silly stuff seems just like yesterday this morning here at the UCTMW World HQ.

She seems more relaxed and ready to go than the rest of us. Obviously, it’s not the first time she’s been away. And we expect a little drama from her when the going gets tough adopting to a new “family” or a new school, or coping with some social or relationship crisis. And , yes, there will be Skype calls and text messaging galore.

But still…. A lot happens in 10 months. Things and people change. It will be hard to let her go.

But we will focus on the opportunities that our empty nest will present us. Mistress has already mentioned the need to keep our weekend schedule cleared for some “raucous sex”.

Not that we’ve been lagging behind.  Yesterday, after Mistress had her early breakfast meeting she had some down time before her next engagement. So she came to my office.

As she debriefed me on her meeting I did what comes second nature now: slid the chair up against the door, spread the maroon blanket, preparing Mistress’s throne.

She settled into her seat, and I was on my knees, helping her wriggle out of her black undies.

Soon my mouth was buried between her thighs, making sure I attended to those smooth, clean shaven folds until her hips were bucking against me, and she was stifling little moans of delight.

She was every bit as tasty as my early morning latte, and much more satisfying for both of us.

After that, I found her a conference room to do some work on her laptop before her next meeting, planned for lunch time.

Naturally I checked up on her from time to time, but I was not the only one.

Across the hall from this particular conference room is my colleague…. Let’s call him Bob.

Now Bob is a little geeky, maybe late 40’s. Married to a rather frumpy house frau who never seems all that charmed to meet Molly or Mick.  I suspect she feels a little insecure around Molly for several reasons.

But maybe it’s because she can detect that little frission of attraction that Bob clearly has for Molly.

And who can blame him.

I think Bob had trouble with Molly being in such close proximity to his office through the AM.

“It was pretty funny, Slave…. he kept walking in, every 20 minutes or so to chat me up….”

“What was he talking about, Mistress?”

“Oh, mostly technology… I-Pads, what type of lap top I should get next…he says he should just quit this job and go to work at the Apple Store.”

It all sounded very pretextual to me.

“Maybe we should give him the chance to worship, Mistress.  I’m sure that would please him.”

“DO you think that’s what it’s about?”

“No doubt….”

Poor Bob.

Clearly smitten.

I know the feeling.



strivingforpeace said...

Best of luck for your kiddo.

This will be an amazing year for her
and a weird year
and a tough year

and most likely the year that makes her who she will be in life

and hugs to the two of you


WC said...

Hey sfp,

/That was a very thoughful post.

I never thought about like that. The year will make her who shall be in life.

Very cool,



Donna said...

All those swirling emotions, excitement, exhilaration, hope and promise all topped off with a tiny touch of fear...and I imagine your daughter has some emotions going on, too.

Hugs to all,

beingaisha said...

Ahh, those bitter sweet good-byes. The flashbacks to her childhood... enjoy it all.

And the fun of knowing someone else is smitten with your Mistress!