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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Mistress Makes Breakfast

Before I get onto today’s tale of adventure in the empty nest that doubles for the UCTMW World HQ,  I wanted to pass on a brief message from our Western Correspondent, apparently written to make amends for a perceived breach of our media empire’s Equal Opportunity rules (see the Thursday edition I all this seems confusing).


As Molly says, you are a good guy.  Let me clarify me position.  

First , I did not call you “Euro Trash”  I called you a pompous, bigoted  European.

For some background,

I taught skiing in the French ski school for five years.

I have a license to teach skiing anywhere in France should I chose to do so,  I have many great friends from France, Italy, Belgium,  and Austria.

But there were some Europeans that just felt superior to Americans.

I am a very liberal person, hard left in fact. 

And I agree with many Europeans’ distain  for America, especially during the Bush years.

But I always told these bigoted people that I was not going to take any of their anti- American bullshit.

I mean I wouldn't move to France and say “I think all French guy are losers”,  and I am the superior American lover  and will fill in the need that these  poor French women have been deprived of all these years.

The answer is, no I would not.

Hey, people are people everywhere. 

Probably you just said it to impress Molly, I'll cut you some slack on that front, as she it s a powerhouse.

So just cut the crap that Europeans are better lovers, and I will be happy.

The has a lot of European friends and hope you can be another one,  


Since our Policy encourages our staff to resolve conflicts of this type at the earliest possible time, I am sure the CEO appreciates the WC’s effort to explain and seek understanding with respect to his comment earlier this week.

Now, speaking of Francois, I am authorized to report the following developments.

With Mistress working from home these last couple of weeks, well it makes her schedule a little more flexible.

After our “wake-up sex”, Slave was up and getting ready for work, and Mistress made sure to close the lock on my cage. But she was also getting dressed too, at an unusually early hour.

“I need to  walk down to the bakery Mistress…. Francois said he would stop by for breakfast, and well…. I thought some pastries might be nice.”

(Yum. How Continental. But was this an unfortunate stereotype too?)

“I’m sure he’ll appreciate your consideration Mistress.”

I made sure Mistress knew how to operate our unnecessarily complex coffee maker (Slave normally handles such drudgery) and left her to her day, with a kiss goodbye.

And as the morning developed, I must confess that my cage cock had some little twitches to suppress when I thought of what Mistress might be up to back here at the World HQ.

In fact, I was able to finish things up a little early, heading home by around 4 pm. Mistress was home, in one of her cute Tie-dye dresses, working on her computer.

Soon we found out way up to her Executive Suite.

It didn’t take long for me to shed my work garb, and Mistress quickly shed that dress. I helped her wriggle out of her black undies, she spread herself across the bed and I found myself on my knees exploring those silky folds with my tongue and lips.

As I worshipped, Mistress filled me in on her busy day.

She took her time, filling in a few details in response to my questions. I took my time too, probing and suctioning until she got a little too distracted to finish her story.

Afterwards, she rewarded me by unlocking my cage, helping me to ease the metal container off my semi-hardening “work-a-day” cock.

As I sidled into bed next to her, I did notice something I had not seen in the morning.

“Poor Mistress, there’s a little bruise on your breast.”

“Hmmmm…. I guess you’re right Slave….”


sin said...

I agree with WC on stereotyping American (or Euro) men as lovers. There are good ones and bad ones everywhere. I'm going to bypass the impulse to feed back sterotypes of either side and go for the specific. Overall, I'd give MY American a big thumbs up.

Molly, yikes, this one likes to play rough doesn't he?

beingaisha said...

I can't imagine anyone seriously thinking that one whole nationality of people could be better lovers than another whole nationality. That's ridiculous, of course.

But the idea of Molly dallying during the day in addition to her early morning and evening rounds of pleasure - sheesh. Lucky woman.... bruise and all.


UCTMW Enterprises Management Team said...

In defense of Francois (who needs no defenders I might add), I believe he was not saying Europeans are better lovers than AMericans ... it was that most American men would be intimidated by and not know "how to handle" OUR CEO, explaining her difficulty in finding a suitable "part time Dom".

Of course, whether most European men could do that is an open question.

She clearly is a very unique and powerfully sexy woman, as I can testify.


Anonymous said...

I am not sure when and If I used 'eurotrash' but most likely I did so (probably because it is also my old call sign flying).
Mick thank you for the defense. And no I never said Europeans are better lovers. It is just that in my years in the USA, I have encountered much more females who seem to be disappointed because their lovers do not dare to grab them, spank them and be 'rough' (in a good way) than I have encountered in Europe. I think, and yes it IS a generalization, most likely because in Europe we do not have the culture of sexual harassment suits, we do not have the policy of "don't ask don't tell"
Here in the US, I quite often do drop the comment "mmm I must admit your ass looks very spankable" and most of the times, the female's eyes light up. And then after a few more comments the female quite often throws out that their partner is afraid to do it, or feels it is pervert. So I think it is more a cultural thing.

and yes I will make the moniker "Eurotrash" here :)

Bill, Dir. of Security UCTMW, Int. said...

I would be happy to volunteer to kiss that bruise and make it better. But , if not that then be even happier to engage in any activity that might make a matching bruise on the other side. All in the interest of symmetry! The ever helpful Dir of Security, Bill.

WC said...

Well Francois ,

I think you read on American men is dead wrong.

In all my long years of kink I have never met a American guy who would be intimated by having his lady ask for kinky sex.

Just check out the online porn.

If anything, I think most American men are dying to have their ladies ask for kinky crazy sex.

But since I assume that you are just saying that to make yourself more attractive to Molly, I will give you a pass on that .

Have used that trick myself in the past.

Just drop the pomposity and we can all be friends.

The knows exactly what Francois is up to,