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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Our Senior Correspondent Plans Her Amazing Adventure

Both Mistress and Slave had very busy work days yesterday, and other developments arose that have us delaying our departure for our branch office in the mountains until tomorrow morning. As we were lying in bed last night, both burned out, we got a very welcome call from Donna our Senior Correspondent. She was passing on the good news that a blog for this morning would be found in my email in box!

Lovely. Hope you enjoy it.

 I mentioned in the blog last week that I will soon be traveling to a training facility for some sub training. I thought this might be a convenient time to share with you what’s happening with my training plans.

Excitement is what’s happening! At this time next week I will be at La Domaine!

Next Monday I will be flying to a far away city where Master R and Mistress Collette will be picking me up and taking me to La Domaine for four days. We have been working on coordinating this for several months, so to see it all come together is wonderful.

In getting ready, I have been to the local seamstress for some work on my leather bustier and some vests.  I live in a very conservative area of the country and when I called and described what I needed,  the seamstress said she would be happy to help me but I would need to be there between 8 and 9 in the morning, before her regular customers arrive. Okay.

I headed over the following morning and she was just as nice as she could be. She told me that she does a great deal of leather work for motorcyclists and with that, she tipped her head, waggled her eyebrows and nodded a bit as she said, “You know what I mean.” And yes I did. With that, she pointed to a little dressing room and said that even though I had marked it, she needed to see the bustier on me to make it fit just right. This little bit of a woman proceeded to tell me to “suck it in” and pulled the laces and leather tighter than I ever have. In her sweet little Sunday school voice she told me to throw my shoulders back, that if you are going to wear one of these you need to be proud. I am, so I did, and she fit it accordingly.

Today I had a call from Mistress Collette and she and I talked about my limits. We talked about pain, marks, nipple play, being tied up, electricity, humiliation, enemas (Hi, nilla!), as well as many other BDSM things. We talked about food allergies and sensitivities since I will be staying in a room at La Domaine and also having meals there, and we talked about what I would need to take with me in terms of clothing. The answer to that is not much, in case you’re wondering. The conversation was somewhat similar to one you might have with a camp counselor.  Ha-ha-ha. Maybe for one of nilla’s camp stories!

I have both excitement and a bit of wary anticipation running through my mind as the days pass. Bill has attempted to keep me on an even keel by keeping things as normal as possible. When I went out to the kitchen early Sunday morning I found this note waiting for me:

Time for a spanking!
Come back to the bedroom at nine o'clock and put your collar on. Clip both breasts just at the top of your areola.
After that plug in the Hitachi and bend over the bed and say, "I am ready for my spanking!"
I will give you ten with my hand and then apply the Hitachi and give you five with the slut paddle.
You will then lay down and I will buzz you and finger you until I am satisfied you have cum enough.
Then I will take the clamps off and use the flogger on your breasts and cum on you!
See you then!

We deviated from that plan a bit to include some oral attention for Bill, and it was a great way to start a relaxing day together.  In fact, it may have been too relaxing because I forgot myself a bit and am already at a tally of eight swats with the implement of his choice. He has been enjoying Aisha’s ongoing story and, inspired by the disks on the collar for breaking rules in that story, Bill is considering getting a bracelet for me that would look like a charm bracelet but that he could add little disks to in order to keep count of my transgressions and keep the number firmly in my mind. 

I am so pleased Bill wants me to go to La Domaine and do this, to be the best I can be for him and for myself. And I am so pleased and honored to be accepted at La Domaine by Master R and Mistress Collette. This is sure to be a great adventure.

Hugs to all,  Donna

PS Just for clarification, the picture above is not of me. My bustier is black with red flames and garters and my hair has highlights. Those are not the only differences but we will just leave it at that, won't we?


sin said...

I've read about La Domaine before and it sounds fascinating. I hope you'll tell us more about it later.

nilla said...

Oh, okay, you got me...i laughed out loud at that!!!

and didn't i immediately think of aisha's rings and collar for your punishment spankings. Bills solution to that is an awesome idea!

Have fun and learn lots...sending you off with lots and lots of love and good vibrations (wicked laughter)


Aimee said...

Great to hear about the upcoming trip, I am sure it will be a delightful and educational experience. I like the idea of the charm bracelet as well, something to consider for sissy...

Mistress Aimee

Donna said...

Hi sin, I sure will, unless ordered not to, of course. :)

Hi nilla, I will admit that as soon as Mistress Collette said the word enema, what popped into my mind was that I sure knew what your response would be! lol

Thanks for the good thoughts!


Donna said...

Hi Aimee,

Bill got the idea from aisha's Discipline series that begins here:

and my camp reference is from nilla's Summer in Maine series that starts here

Both are full of lovely and interesting ideas.


Bill, Dir, Security UCTMW, Int said...

I don't understand why Donna thinks the picture is different, OK the bustier doesn't have flames, but the rest of the picture fits Donna, or that's how I see her!

WC said...

Very. very, cool Bill

You two are so happy with each other

very cool

And Donna I cant wait to hear all about your grand adventure

Donna said...

That is such a sweet comment from Bill! I guess I should make an appointment for him at the eye clinic, but I may just wait a while...

And WC, are you a romantic at heart? I hope so.

With flames on my bustier,

WC said...

I am Donna,

Not very dom like, I know

but that is just the way I am

TGhe romantic,


Donna said...

To my mind, WC, the very best Doms/Dommes are romantic; they plan ahead for special moments, leave sexy notes or emails for their partners, have a way with their voice that can calm a sub or rev them up, and they surprise their subs with "special" BDSM ideas, clothing or toys that keep their sub on sexy edge.

I think all of that is romantic!


UCTMW Enterprises Management Team said...

I'm sitting here wondering if Donna is going to put all this on the UCTMW Amex card, sort of like when the WC built that ski chalet.

Thanks for the reporting,


Donna said...

Mick, I can't believe you even need to ask that.

Of course it's all going on the UCTMW Charge Account, and the WC showed me how to make sure the payment couldn't be stopped or card canceled, just in case you started to panic a bit. A few minutes ago he showed me how to upgrade to business class, too. He has been more than kind.

Your Senior Correspondent with UCTMW AMEX Card in Hand,

WC said...

Donna dont stop with business class

Go with first class

Mick is so tight when it comes to our salaries

that we have to get what we can

So its first class all the way for hard working Donna

Donna's partner in crime,


Suzanne said...


Great post! I think you are going to have a great time at La Domaine. Don't be afraid to "splurge" either. Your work here is deserving of a very hefty expense account!


Donna said...

Thank you Suzanne! Since you and WC are both Dom/Dommes and I am but a lowly sub, it must be my duty to follow your command, so I promise I won't be afraid to splurge.

With UCTMW Amex Card at the Ready,

Claire Thompson said...

...but a lowly sub! Ha! We all know THAT's not the way it really is, don't we? That's why a loving D/s relationship works so beautifully. There is neither low nor high, but a loving exchange of power that exalts both!

We shall, of course, expect a fully detailed report of your time at La Domaine...I sense a novel brewing...might have to change the names to protect the guilty...

;) Claire

Donna said...

Well, Claire, we both know the beauty of the power exchange and both know, too, that Dom/Dommes like to lay down the law.

I think in this particular case I will follow the leading of the Dom/Dommes since they are leading me where I hoped to go, charge card in hand.

You know, I'm thinking that attitude may be one of the things Bill wants the good folks at La Domaine to work on with me...I wonder...


beingaisha said...

Dear Donna,

(Jumping up and down with glee} You're going to La Domaine, you're going to La Domaine, hi ho the dairy-o, you're going to La Domaine! You're gonna take a bustier, you're gonna take a bustier, hi hi the dairy-o, you're gonna take a.... what?

You get it?

You've heard enough?

Really? You don't like my singing?

Laughing... ok, singing's not my strong suit. But i am so excited for you and can't wait to hear all about it!!!!



nilla said...

i should have mentioned, too the bustier bit was funny, and touching and sweet.

and i *LOVED* Bill's note to provocative, wonderful, and lusty.

As they say in teh two got it all goin' on!!!

love and hugs,