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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Teddy Roosevelt Slept Here

Mistress and the sullen teen got home just long enough on Saturday, late morning, to shower, repack, and then climb in the car with me for a 4 hour drive to the south for a family funeral.

Sadly, our schedule did not allow even for a “quickie” before my over traveled Mistress was back on the road again, and the presence of our daughter in the back seat even restricted our ability to improvise with a little smutty talk and groping on our drive.

This is a big family gathering for Mistress. A Matron of the family had passed, and cousins, aunts and others from far and ride were all arriving. In this smallish town to pay tribute.

Once we arrived, Slave was concerned that there might not be a chance to relieve the pent up sexual demand from those long, hard days of denial any time soon.

(I know, I am a spoiled and pampered house Slave, Tammy…. But still…I have been conditioned for indulgence, not denial).

But Mistress and Slave are also clever and conniving . a block of rooms had been booked at a rather shopworn Fairfield Inn, and that’s where the sullen teens and their grandmother and others would be lodged.

But under the ruse that we did not want to take up the limited supply of rooms reserved for family, Mistress found something a bit more sumptuous, and private for our little reunion : an old Victorian Inn, not far from the river bank.

And, what a shame!  we got the last room available.  

"Sorry girls, the place was full, so you will have to stay where grandma and the others are staying...."

The teens were cleverly dropped off to check in and clean up for the big family meal. Now the clock was ticking. We had about 90 minutes.

We found the lovely old painted lady, the paint a bit faded, but the interiors very charming. And the Old Bull Mooser actually did stay here once.

I hope the Inn keeper was not too offended when we politely turned down his invitation for a tour of his mansion.

“Actually, we can look around later…. Just show us to our room, please.”

And what a room. Bay windows. Period furnishings. And a lovely huge four poster bed.

Once the bed was closed, Mistress was in my arms.

“Damn. Wish I had remembered some ropes for switch day, Mistress.”

“Do you really think it would be polite to do switch day, and then go to a funeral, Slave?”

“What did the old rough rider say, Mistress, ‘speak softly, but carry a big stick?’ At least I should have brought our  riding crop.”

We quickly unpacked our things, stripped off those traveling  duds and pulled back the sheets.

It had been since Tuesday morning after all.

Mistress’s delicious clean shaven parts were ready for my full attention.

And when she seemed pleased with my efforts, she lavished her cock with plenty of attention as well.  (BTW, Mistress’s technique is much more polished than what a certain Presidential candidate demonstrated at the Iowa state fair over the weekend.)

“May I fuck you now, Mistress.”

“You seem a little impatient, Slave….”

“Well…. I mean…. It’s been a few days, Mistress…. “

She was driving me crazy with her lips and those well manicured fingers.  And she knew it.

But she finally relented when it seemed my level of frustration had turned to code red.

“Why don’t I ride my cock now, Slave….”

It was an excellent idea.


sin said...

Sounds like the innkeeper is lucky he wasn't hurt in the rush! Did you even know you could go that long between sessions Mick?

Donna said...

It seems as though a great opportunity was missed here, Mick. You could have claimed to have been possessed by the spirit of TR during his time as a Rough Rider and refused to slow down or give up, charging up Molly's personal San Juan Hill, again and again. Charge!

OR in TR's honor you might have tried all manner of new things sexually. After all, Teddy had great devotion to the natural beauty and wildlife of this country.

As far as disrespectful, I really don't think so. Molly had to get those great genes from someone, you know!

Hugs to both!

beingaisha said...

I'm kind of thinking along the same lines as Sin, Mick - was this a personal record for you? laughing...

But gosh, it's good to know things are back in place up-river there!


P.S. And sorry for your loss, of course ~ hugs to Molly.

john said...

Everything Bachmann learned about cock sucking she learned from her husband.

Jay said...

Good one John! Bachmann makes me gag!

Mick - no more MB pictures ok? Just MC.

Donna said...

Nothing about that picture of MB, not one thing, says sane. And if neither she nor her political handlers could predict this would be a bad photo op, then that speaks to extreme incompetence in who she chooses to hire and keep around her.

Bill, Dir. of Security UCTMW said...

I agree with Jay, The cockroaches were long ago driven out of this site! As for any of the others, well, Friends don't let friends vote Rethuglican!

sin said...

What is "Rethuglican" please?

Not a native American speaker

Donna said...

Hey Sin,
Bill feels that to be more accurate, the word Republican should have the word thug (a cruel or vicious ruffian or robber)in the middle. So it is Re-thug-lican rather than Re-pub-lican.