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Monday, August 8, 2011

The Perfect Storm

Poor Mistress.

It was Switch Day, and she confronted what a perfect storm of confluent events.

The kids were away.

We had missed our last two switch days do to family events.

And my bottom was still reminding me how she had dealt with her Slave the afternoon before.

Slave had some pent up demand to take her in hand, and without the need to “stifle” in deference to prying ears and eyes of our sullen teens, I had a good deal of flexibility.

(unfortunately, the kids were already on the Big Bus heading back from Chicago, so there were some temporal limits on what I might accomplish at her peril…. We’ll save the languishing in bondage and every hour orgasms for a later date).

After we read the paper in bed a bit, and I teased her with my tongue and lips as she read the blog, Mistress knew that her time had come.

She even tried her cute little seduction trick, cuddling with me, exchange romantic kisses as our legs interlocked, probably hoping I would surrender to that little voice from down below my waistline looking for some quick and easy indulgence.

“Sorry, Mistress…. You’re not getting off that easy.”

I locked the red leather cuffs on her wrists, linked them together, then, after assembling some useful supplies, helped her up out of bed.

“We’re going for a little stroll, Mistress….”

Of course, once downstairs she tried to delay the inevitable by making small talk with her cute cats, lounging on the living room furniture.

“Enough with the kitty talk, Mistress….”

I took her by the elbow, and led her to the threshold where a steel hook had been screwed into the woodwork for an earlier occasion such as this.

Soon her wrists were locked tight, over her head, and she began to squirm a bit.

“My arms are going to get stiff like this, Slave…..”

“Ohhh, poor dear…. I’ll try to distract you as best I can….”

And so I did, embracing her from the front, teasing her with my kisses and my questing fingers.

As I dipped a digit between her thighs, I discovered se was already quite sodden and needy.

I know that will surprise you.

But my bottom still had that glow, and It reminded me that at least Mistress deserved a few spanks from her devoted Slave.

I pulled the black silky nightie up , reached around and gave her more than a dozen stern slaps with my palm, making her jerk against the attachment holding her wrists in place, and hop a bit on those well pedicured toes. But of course, she could not escape the punishment she so richly deserved.

Having turned her ass cheeks pink, and knowing that in fact her arms might well be getting stiff, I figured it was time to bring this little drama to and end.

I could see her cunning little smile when I pulled the Hitachi out of my bag of tricks, and plugged it in.

I knew she was thinking ---- “Oh goodie, I’ve gotten off easy and now I get my reward.”

But it didn’t work out exactly that way.

With the Hitachi sitting in ready on a nearby table, I began sucking on Mistress’s easily accessed nipples, making the one on the left nice and firm before I reached into my pocket for one of her least favorite toys …. A clothespin that the WC had prescribed for her some weeks back.

I’m not sure she noticed it until it squeezed down onto her poor little nub,

“Oh…. Damn…..”

She jerked against her wrist bindings in response.

Soon I was working on her other nipple, and then reached into my pocket for the matching clothespin. Symmetry is so appealing.

“I can’t even watch…” she whined, looking away as the other peg found it’s home on her right nipple.

Of course, I knew that she would not tolerate much of this, so I immediately reached for the Hitachi …. Well not immediately…. I had to take this photo first ... for the record.

Mistress moaned in delight (and for the distraction), as I thumbed on her favorite power tool and applied it immediately where she likes it….

Soon she was humping against it, on tip toes to purchase as much leverage as allowed. I enjoyed watching her lovely breasts bounce to and fro with their little wooden accessories as she built herself up to release.

“Remember to ask permission, Mistress….”

Well she did, but I must say it was a little too late …. Murmuring “may I please come, Slave…” into my ear, even as her body shuddered through a rather powerful climax.

As “punishment”, I forced her to endure one more cum before reaching for the clothespins and easing them off her lovely red nubs.

The poor dear.

I eased her cuffs off the hook, and let her rest on our carpeted floor a bit, before sitting on the hassock nearby.

By now my shorts were off.

“I think this would be a good time for Mistress to practice her cock sucking.”

And as she squatted on the floor, her head buried on my lap, wrists still cuffed together, a fan of her dark thick hair covering my thighs, applying herself skillfully to the task at hand, I almost wanted to interrupt her and get my camera to capture that lovely image too.



beingaisha said...

Sigh... that is just lovely. Very hot and just lovely.


sin said...

I agree with Aisha, hot and just lovely.

Harry Haversackers said...

Clothespins on nipples... My goodness! So hot.

Bill, Dir. of Security UCTMW said...

And to quote annon. "And a good time was had by all!"

nilla said...

Great pic, simply lovely...those pegs were made to be used just that way!

And orgasms while pegged?

Double-spectacular, imho...

a really awesome Sunday...


littlemonkey said...

The small voice won out in the end...

sounds lovely for both of you.

WC said...

Haha Mick,

You still let the little vixen off to easily.

In my humble opinion,

The can stir the pot to,


subbrooke said...

Great pictures! I love reading about switch day!

Myli said...

I think you pulled the switch day off very well. I love the use of the hook! And I knew you would want to spank her back. Very hot!