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Friday, July 8, 2011

Just Following Orders

Our schedule  was a little tight here Thursday morning.

Mistress had a “date” scheduled with our WC, and Slave had to make sure he woke her up around 7 am, to assure that I got my own early morning “taste”. With our own "wake up" sex completed, both of us were juggling some work on our lap tops, when Molly got a little 10 minute warning text from the WC with some unique instructions.

“He says to get your Slave to set the Hitachi up for you out on the patio….I’m supposed to be naked out there for him at 8, Slave.….”

“Will do, Mistress.”

Of course, Mistress has been in various states of undress out there for the last few days. And but for some livestock and prairie dogs, there is not much chance that she can be observed from the road or our neighbors’ distant yards.

Not much chance , but maybe a little. Just enough to get Mistress a little on edge about these “orders” from a few hundred miles to our north.

I got out her “power tool” and plugged in the outdoors’ extension cord, all ready for her.

Then there was another order.

“Now He says he wants me out there on all fours, and he wants you to take a doubled belt and give me 30 strokes with it, Slave….”

Oh, my.

“The WC get up on the wrong side of the bed?”

Mistress just gave a slight nervous giggle, all naked, brushing her teeth in our bedroom.

“He sure is bossy for so early in the morning….”

But she did not seem inclined to argue.

I grabbed a belt, a wide Western style belt with some nice carved designs on it. I wondered if I could make little floral imprints on Mistress’s lovely ass.

And I can report to you WC that Mistress was very co-operative. She knelt oh so willingly on the chaise, ass in the air, and only whined a bit as she counted out the strokes for me. I went easy at first, but since she did not seem to uncomfortable, I increased the strength of my strokes as we approached 30, making her squirm a bit and mutter about how much it hurt.

While I suspect you could have done a better job of it, without fear of any reprisal later on, I must say she took her “punishment” like a trooper.

When I was done, her bottom had a nice rosy glow, which I captured with my camera for all of you:

“Now, could you get the phone for me please Slave….”

I did, and left Mistress to her conversation with the WC. Although at some point she did scramble inside, muttering about the cordless phone’s battery dying and retrieving an alternative handset. It seemed she was a tad frustrated at the time.”

About 30 minutes later she came back inside, announcing she was done. I had been loading our bikes on the car for an excursion at a nearby national park.

On the trail I asked about her little rendezvous.

“So how many, Mistress….?”

“Oh, I’d say three Slave.”

“And did he get off too?”

“He did, Slave….”

Good to know the WC is not getting sexually constipated back at the office.

“And what nasty things did WC have you thinking about as he put you through your paces?”

“Oh… he was coming down to collect me and drag me off to some nudist place in Colorado… where there was various public displays by and of me….I think at some point you had to watch too….”

“Sounds like fun, Mistress….”

“It was, Slave….”

Later in the day, Suzanne, over at All Mine had her own post, pining for her two male companions. She’s still on an overseas work trip. She commented that here at UCTMW we seem to be overindulging. And I suppose she is right. Maybe catching up for lost time over the last few weeks at work and dealing with sullen teens off from school.

Suzanne, we know you will catch up once you, Jay, Tammy and Carol get up to your lake house next week. And now that Carol has cultivated a taste for exploiting her privileges with Tammy, we are all wondering how that will sort itself out once the Mistress of the house is back at the controls.

Rest assured, dear readers, that after the bike ride and some errands, Slave got another chance to please Mistress here in our bed, before some dinner guests arrived.

We wouldn’t want to fail to meet Suzanne’s high expectations.


WC said...

Ah ha,

The scene of the crime.

Loved the pictures.

Very hot.

BTW Mick did you pack the clothes pins?

I knew something was missing yesterday!

The ever humble,


UCTMW Enterprises Management Team said...

We actually have some clothespins here, M.


WC said...

Thats great Mick,

but are the normal clothes pins


the jury rigged ones that went to Europe.

The suspicious of the Europe pins,

And knows how crafty and clever Molly can be,

His Honor

The Court

Judge Miguel

UCTMW Enterprises Management Team said...

these are laid back SW badlands clothespins.

Donna said...

Run, Molly! RUN!!!


Suzanne said...

"....catching up for lost time over the last few weeks..."??????? Pleeeeeaaaaaaase!!!!!! For a moment, I thought I had stopped by the wrong blog. Let's clarify what "lost time" means to you two; maybe just 2 or 3 per day?

Glad you are enjoying your vacation. I'm sure readers are very appreciative of "the views" on your back patio!



nilla said...

Tough girl, your Mistress...thirty whacks with leather...(i'm not jealous. not not not.. . . okay, maybe a little)and a lucky gal at that!

Um, did i read that correctly? You're trying to convince us that you had less sex a period of time ago? um.

i didn't notice that.

srsly. You have to try harder if you're attempting to hornswoggle these readers, Mick.

Coz we're not buying that "low sex before we left for vacation" line.


i think you're just having exponentially more sex while you're on vaca...



WC said...

Thank you Suzanne Donna and Nila,

Catching up?

Child Please

as ocho cinco would say,

Molly told me about a couple that wrote a book about how they went 100 days strait having sex,

that is childs play for Mick and Molly,

Cial Ripkins streak was passed long ago by the Collins!

The always impresed by Mick and Molly,


beingaisha said...

I tried to comment earlier but it didn't work... Really there's no point in adding my voice to the chorus of disbelief at you all having less sex sometime recently, so I'll just say ~~

30, Molly?

Yikes! I think that's a lot!! Way to go!!


Donna said...

Hey WC, I saw that note you added last night to yesterday's blog about you going on vacation and not having a computer!

What is that about? What about the laptop you insisted you had to have as our Shop Steward, you remember...that expensive one we paid for so you could do a "better job" representing us?

And if that laptop has a problem, what about your laptop from work? Every Judge uses laptops so they can play card games and email pictures of their body parts here and there, while pretending to be looking up something related to the trial taking place in their courtroom. Everyone knows that.

You wouldn't be pulling my leg now, would you, WC?

The wondering what's up here,