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Thursday, July 21, 2011

HNT / Date Night

It was a rather hectic work day for both Mistress and her Slave yesterday. And while we were not denied our early morning wake up sex, there was no time for Mistress to stop by for some office worship. Then, after work, we had dinner downtown with a colleague of the Mistress.

So by the time we got home, maybe around 7:30 pm, we were a little tuckered out.

Of course, that did not stop me from taking the opportunity, once Mistress had stripped away the work costume, to fall to my knees and apply my oral skills for her benefit. And take some photos for HNT too.

Mistress had been talking about leaving for work a little earlier today, in order to have a training session via phone with the WC. But there were issues with that … namely teens who want to have cars at home at  their disposal so as to do what sullen teens do…. Whatever that might be on a hot River City Thursday.

But then… she got a text from the WC. His family was stepping out for a while. Would Mistress like to have a little date with him this very evening?

“Do you mind, Slave….”

“Of course not, Mistress…..”

So when the appointed time came, Slave excused himself and camped out downstairs for the next 45 minutes our so. It was a good chance to catch up with Jon Stewart and Colbert via Hulu. 

And soon enough Mistress was paging me to return to her “executive suite”.

Mistress seemed well taken care of, lying on our bed.  Rachel Maddow was on the TV, yammering on.

“I had to keep it on so the girls wouldn’t overhear, Slave.”

“Pretty impressive if you can come with that voice droning on in the background Mistress…. Amazing focus.”

(It’s not that I disagree with her POV, it’s that  endless rapid fire prattle that drives old Mick insane).

She laughed. I turned off the TV.

“So how many, Mistress?”

“”Four or five, Slave….”


“So do you want to fuck me now, Slave….”

Hmmm.  I had written that off for the evening. But somehow, all those pheremones unleashed by Molly, her Hitachi and the verbal promptings of the WC had overcome the fatigue.

“Are you really up to it…. It turns out you’ve had a lot of unanticipated action tonight, Mistress….”

“Just go put in your device, Slave” (my little white aneros).

I like it when Mistress gets all bossy like that. And, of course, followed her orders. What else would a good, if pampered house Slave do?


sin said...

"I like it when Mistress gets all bossy like that. And, of course, followed her orders." That makes me smile.

Myli said...

I've always wanted to watch a guy use an aneros! I heard it's amazing!

WC said...

Asian Girl,

I too can vouch for the aneros, I have three and love them all,

And pampered house slave,

Fun post as usual,

And beloved and benificent CEO,

Was very hot!

The still stuned by Bachmann husband,


beingaisha said...

Ok, so I liked the same part Sin did - and of course, admired the lovely picture....