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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Hot, Humid Weather Forces Indoor Exercise

Mistress and Slave must have gotten over their post vacation lethargy, based on yesterday’s O count. There was our usual wake-up sex, commenced with the traditional “Slave licks, Mistress reads”, as she perused our blog.

Then, shortly after her lunch with a business colleague,  Mistress breezed into my office for a little “apertif” courtesy of my devoted lips and tongue. It’s  a routine that Slave can’t get enough of and that Mistress seems to enjoy as well. And it is so remediating to rest my head against her inner thigh, her hands sliding across my scalp for a minute or two after Mistress has her fill with my oral attention.
That little break always recharges me for the rest of my busy day.

We had driven together, so Mistress met me in the lobby of my office tower around 5:15 for the drive home. She as chatting with the WC as I stepped out of the elevator, and told him she would call back once we were on the road.

Mistress was wearing a short, brownish cotton dress, and I could tell that she had been ogled a bit on her walk across town. She had that sexy glow she gets when talking to her distant “boyfriend”, and her mood was infectious.  I was already wondering of I could somehow dodge that scheduled bike ride in this oppressive humidity and heat, and get some more intimate exercise once we got home.

On our drive, Mistress got the WC back on the line. Of course I could only hear one side of the conversation, but she filled me in on the rest once she signed off.

There was some talk about the cock picture he had sent her for her birthday….

“You told me about your 2 hours of epic sex with B…. but when did you have the time to send that picture….”

(He claims that he took it during the “epic sex”, when B had something else to do….)

“How did you do that , say …. Hold on honey…. I need to take a picture of my cock before it gets deflated….”

I did forget to mention that Mistress and the WC also had a brief “date” on Sunday afternoon, as Slave was rooting for the ladies’ soccer team …. They covered that subject too, as Slave negotiated through stop and go expressway traffic on the way home, catching occasional glimpses of Mistress’s buff and tanned thighs, spread next to me.

“Where did you get that story you told me from, M….. I figured it was just a continuation of your morning sex with B.”

(She later shared a bit of the story…. “I was in bed with the two of them Slave…. sucking her tits as he fucked me… you know, that whole thing._)

Whatever the theme, it seemed to help put a nice little exclamation point on Mistress’s birthday on Sunday.

By the time we got home, and Mistress realized that the hazy, mid-90’s air was ardly hospitable to a post work bike ride, I was anle to pitch some pre-dinner “relaxation” time.

And you can imagine where that led. Mistress was worshipped as she read your comments, as well as some of the other hot entries that popped up yesterday. She seemed a little surprised though when I suggested some pre-dinner fucking after she had been suitably serviced.

“Why Slave…. you surprise me….”

It’s good to know I still have that capablility.


beingaisha said...

Another nice glimpse of your everyday lives... thanks, Mick. You two are a beacon of hope in a sometimes barren world.


Suzanne said...

A "picture" for her birthday? Please. I know a picture is worth a thousand words but for such a special day? Better luck next year Molly!



nilla said...

one wonders which is hotter...the temp in where-you-live? or your bedroom? (car, elevator, bus...wherever YOU two happen to be...)



You two are amazing.



WC said...


Great picture today u two lunatics,



msmarie said...

What a lovely picture.... that skin! :)