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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Sex Backlash?

Back here in River City, Molly and Mick were almost completely overcome by the noxiously hot weather, pollution and humidity yesterday, dumped on top of the typical back at the office after a week triage of various client crises to handle.

And adjusting to the time shift…. Well, let’s just say Monday morning was not a typical one here at the UCTMW World HQ. It was all we could do to drag ourselves out of bed and crawl to the shower, let alone start the day the way we like.

And though Mistress stopped by at the lunch hour, she was accompanied by surly teen #1, who wanted Indian food. That’s no substitute for a Mistress appetizer.

So for about 24 hours, Slave and Mistress were not living up to their usual high standards… Suzanne, over at ALL Mine certainly out did us. After her long battle with celibacy (not counting her power tool) she is finally back to her two men, and despite that early rise and the 6 hour time difference, it seems she outlasted both of them on Sunday!


You do sex blog nation proud!

That got me thinking about an article that appeared in the Times on Sunday by Erica Jong, entitled Is Sex Passe?(I am borrowing the illustration here, with full credit due to the Times and it’s artist… hope they don’t mind).

For you youngsters, Jong is the author of “Fear of Flying”, a book that I recall first seeing in the 70’s, which seemed to set the bar in the age of “sexual freedom” for women of the day. Her premise is that younger generations seem to have devalued sexual adventure, embracing more stable values like motherhood and monogamy. (Maybe she didn’t read that Times article last week on “Infidelity”?)

Well, I’m not sure Erica is paying attention to our little world. Although some of us are eligible for grandparenthood, there are certainly voices out there who are as familiar with Lady Gaga as I am with the Beatles catalog. I think there is very little chance that sex will go out of style anytime soon.

It may be that what she sees in her daughter and that generation is the harried requirements of dealing with small kids and emerging careers. With all that to balance, its hard to come up with the time and energy for sex displayed here at UCTMW, over at All Mine, or down in the mountains of North Carolina by Bill and Donna. With kid duties winding down, I think we have been hitting our stride here at the World HQ.

I’m curious to know what some of our readers think about her hypothesis.

But as noted above, even we hit a wall sometimes. That’s not to say we don’t give it a good lick… so to speak.

Sunday night was a good example.

Yes, we did have some nice Sunday morning sex back in the mountains before packing up. It wasn’t comparable to the previous week’s “naked Sunday”, but then our time was limited, wasn’t it?

And by the time we hit our bed at 11 pm eastern time, both of us were pretty tired. And the thought of waking early and confronting overflowing inboxes, well that could be a mood killer, couldn’t it?

But something was missing.

It had been about 12 hours since I had last tasted Mistress’s sweet nectar.
And it was so close, Mistress naked next to me, a thin sheet covering her. I could almost taste it. Sweet, musky, my addiction called me.

“Would Mistress like to be worshipped?”

The lights were out. I could tell she was tired. But, like me, a little restless.

“Oh Slave…I’m sure its very stinky and stale down there after a day of travel….”

“When has that ever stopped me, Mistress….”

I don’t have to go on here do I? The negotiations rambled.

Was I being too pushy?


Was Mistress just tired and did not feel a need for sexual stimulation before sleep?

Could be.

When does a Slave simply take no for an answer?

That is a difficult question to answer, isn’t it?

Well I suspect you know how this little story ended. Mistress bucking her hips against my devoted lips and tongue, moaning her release.

Slave comforted in the thought that he’d pleased her, mouth coated with those addictive juices.


That will never be passé.


Suzanne said...

It's quite an honor to have "outdone" the dynamic duo of sex even if only for one day out of the last 365!

I always liked the way Erica Jong writes and admired her work. But I think she and her minions are off base on this one. Another interesting note...all the works she mentions in her article are written by women. Is this a female-driven crusade to lower libidos among the fairer sex! If successful, there may be only a handful of us true sex addicts left. What then, with so many lustful males roaming around seeking relief. Not a pretty sight.

The glad to be home and still enjoying sex,


Donna said...

Jong's writings, required reading in my college years, have led me to believe that she has more issues that National Geographic.

Once again, I think she is off base.

Why no, Mick, I haven't had my coffee yet, why do you ask?


beingaisha said...

Too tired to think about Jong, will have to do that tomorrow...

But i'm kind of glad to hear that youall had some sex... even if it's not up to your usual standards.