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Friday, January 20, 2012


We've been enjoying the slopes and some amazing sunrises and sunsets here at our Hideaway this week. So excuse us for posting here  a few photos of our views. It's all in the interest of sharing a little aesthetic beauty, and padding the blog a bit as Slave gets a little lazy on this trip. 

This first photo is the sunset here last evening, as seen from our front yard.

There are also some nice sunrises that we can watch from our bed.  Yesterday morning, Mistress and I were in bed, playing with our laptops, Mistress engaging a bit with the local "disc jockey", who was on the radio commenting on all the sunrise photos from various vantage points popping up on his facebook page. He even gave "Molly and Mick" a shout-out for the photos we had posted, and Mistress's snappy facebook patter.

But soon it was time to turn off the radio. Mistress wanted to read the blog - with her Slave worshiping of course. And when my "work" was done, she was particularly fiesty, using those beautiful lips to make sure her cock was at full staff, then riding it to several bone shaking cums. Afterwords, Slave was permitted to finish up on top, begging for permission to cum, of course.

The next picture is the illuminated "Retalbo" on our living room wall, that has been lit by the setting sun each afternoon at this time of year. Now last Saturday, I had held out hope that this "miracle" was a good sign for the Tebows in their upcoming battle against the juggernaut from New England.

Of course, now we know that it was simply a matter of the earth's rotational timing.

But the consequences of our little bet with the folks at All Mine are not yet finished here. Yesterday I teased the WC about the absence of photographic proof of his thwacking by his wife B, which he recounted in excruciating detail for us on these pages.

Yesterday, as we were skiing, both Mistress and I found a text messaged photo from the WC pop up on our cell phones.


Now we walk a fine line here between adult content and the distasteful. If there is such a thing as an R rated sex blog, this is it.

And, sadly, Mistress and I concluded that the photo of the WC's generous, and still bruised, ass fell somewhere across the line we have drawn for ourselves.

So, Suzanne, just take our word for it. The WC paid off his bet.


Suzanne said...

Like Warren Buffet said to Rep. Scott Rigell recently: "Your word is good with me."

It would still me nice to sneak a peak though.....

Anonymous said...

I have no questions about the validity of your claims ;)

And those beautiful photos are making me a little jealous (as I am looking out the window at some clouds and blowing snow.

Mistress Aimee

Donna said...

Poor WC, standing in the stirrups rather than sitting in the saddle, eh?

Amazing photos, and, in case you are wondering, I am not wounded to the core that you did not see your way clear to hold a staff meeting there this week. No, not bothered at all said the Senior Correspondent as she dabbed the tears from her eyes.


aisha said...

Omg, poor WC. Butt censored. Butt-hurt at being butt-censored, i bet ~ lol.

{Urban dictionary: Butthurt - Getting your feelings hurt, being offended or getting all bent out of shape because of something petty or stupid. Do not ask me why this terms strikes me as hysterically funny. It's probably just me.}

Yeah i'm kinda wanting a peek, but i'm sure i'd regret it.

The scenery pictures are incredibly fabulous. i'm loving them. Thanks for posting them.


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