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Monday, January 16, 2012

I Know It When I See It.

Our CEO decided to take the lead today and share some thoughts on yesterday's developments here on our local ski mountain.
Yesterday, Aisha provided a list of the important attributes needed for a significant other. I have mine – and as you are all well aware – they come in the body and mind of one Mick Collins. So my ventures out for another cock to add to our nest has been a bit of a different journey, as we are not in search of  a primary relationship. Even so, I do have my own version of a “list.”

It’s pretty simple. Like obscenity, I know it when I see it. I feel it. Like most women, I do have a certain profile. And yes, there I often return.

The man is a serious outdoorsman. He knows his way around tough external factors and is most alive when braving the elements. He has a serious sense of adventure.  I am fairly certain that my second major in Geology was all about the guys. And yes, no surprise that when I mapped the geological strata in Jackson, Wyoming, Baraboo, Wisconsin, Cape Cod, The Connecticut River Valley and the Black Hills of South Dakota – there was more than “mapping” taking place.
Which brings me to today. After year’s of knowing that one of the world’s foremost climbers lives a few acres from us and works the  ski patrol during his “off climbing season” (because he needs to live at altitude), I came face-to-face with him.

And friends, the usually smooth Molly Collins gushed and flirted. I kind of fell all over myself. As he talked about just getting back from “the ice” (crossing Antarctica on foot), I jumbled my words. Then later when I saw him strapping an injured  skier into a sled, I watched his able hands work the ropes.

My wet pussy meeting this long sought out celebrity was/is quite an experience.   Mick and I have had constant chats about how to meet my next guy – and part of me is done with it all. Another part says if we persist then places like Fetlife and Collar Me are clearly NOT the places to find him.

So we run across an interesting option in the midst of an otherwise sunny and innocent day…Mr. Climber did let us know exactly which dirt driveway is his (gang that does count for intimacy in these parts) and I am wondering …. do I show up there in my skin tight and (oh so sexy) Italian long underwear, or perhaps a fleece with nothing under it…hmmmm…back to the search.

How does one really come on to a Man like this? “Well you see Mr. completely HOT climber / ski patrol dude, Mick and I have this thing going on…and we would like to spend some time with you…and about those ropes….

All in a day’s work.


Donna said...

Hey Molly, Congratulations!

Antarctica on foot? Good grief! That's a bit extreme when the BBC did such a great show on the Antarctic that you can watch with a mug of hot chocolate...but, to each their own.

As for what to wear, is there a peek-a-boo hole in the sexy Italian underwear? If so, I would think that might be a good choice to start with.

And the ropes. Invite him to your place for dinner and I bet he will notice the hangers in your place! But I'm going to need some pictures, please?

Okay, living vicariously here.

Love you,

Suzanne said...


I think you're halfway there. Get back out on the slopes and as Donna says, invite him for dinner. Better yet, send Mick down that dirt driveway to invite him.

You're right about CM, FL and just about every other site I can think of. Might work for some, but it didn't for me.



aisha said...

O wow!! You really met him and you know where he lives!! HOW cool!

Yep, dinner. Go for it.

As for CM and fetlife and all, well it takes a really long time... this is more exciting!

Cheering for you,


WC said...

Pretty hot Molly!

sin said...

Sigh... Suzanne is right, invite him to dinner. Doesn't matter what you wear as long as he gets that you're willing. Guys are easy and you are hot, remember?