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Thursday, January 19, 2012

The WC Pays Off His Gambling Debt

 Here in our Mountain Hideaway the days are moving too fast, and we are already dreading a return to River City on Sunday. We've settled into a nice routine -- morning sex, some reading or work, heading to the ski mountain, then, after a day on those sun drenched slopes, some R & R back here at our cabin, taking in yet another magical sunset. 

Watching the alpenglow engulf the local tribe's sacred mountain in the moments after sunset through our bedroom window, both lying there naked, pressed against one another, is an experience that is too good to put into  written word.

While we were skiing the following dispatch arrived from our Mountain Zone HQ, describing how the WC settled his betting tab with the folks over at All Mine. Sounds as if his "clobber count" was so high that your Managing Editor probably deserves a pass when it comes to paying off this bet, don't you think?

Well Suzanne I got my strapping this morning and you will be happy to know that it hurt like hell!

Here is a little back story about B and I before I tell you guys the ugly details:

We were kinky from the start with me being dominant

I used to spank B all the time and she was my submissive sex toy

We both loved it, and still do

But somewhere along the way she started spanking me as well and she discovered that she liked it (a lot)

So now we are switches I guess, but mostly we just do what ever turns us on at the time

Any way, you should know the B only knows one was to paddle or strap:


As expected she was very happy that I lost the bet, even though she was rooting for the Broncos

So this morning when I returned from taking my daughter to school she was sitting in the kitchen grinning like a Cheshire cat

“Do you remember the last time you spanked me?”

  “Yes”, I said

“Do you remember that you stuck an aneros up my ass and wiggled it all around?” 

“Yes”,  I said, seeing where this was going

“Do you remember I said I didn't like it and you said you didn't care?”

  “Uhhh….  Yes, kind of….”, I said

“Do you remember that you spanked me with our leather strap with the wooden handle over your lap?”

 I did.

“Do you remember I said it hurt really bad, and begged you to stop, and you again said you didn't care and that it was supposed to hurt?”

  “Ummmm…. I don't really remember that”,  I said

“Bullshit!”, she said, “go up to the bedroom strip naked and get that strap and your aneros.”

When she arrived she was all business, and told me to get over her lap and she rudely pushed the aneros up my ass and wiggled it around violently for quite some time

She then grabbed the strap and began spanking me just as hard as she could

No warm up, and holy shit it hurt!

I hate to admit it but I was wiggling around a lot and screaming

She must have given me at least 200 strokes

It wasn't quite so bad after the first 100 :)

As she admired her work she seemed quite pleased with her self, pushed me off her lap and retrieved her Hitachi

She told me to suck her nipples and get my cock rock hard while she got her self off a few times with her toy

She informed me in the midst of one of those orgasms that she wanted me to fuck her really hard from behind as soon as she had enough of her beloved Hitachi

Sure enough she soon rolled over and got on her hands and knees with her breasts pressed against the bed

Seeing Her in this submissive position, with her beautiful ass pointed my way roused my dominant urges

I knelt behind her and drove my cock home in one big thrust

“Ouch”,  she screamed… “that really hurts….”

“I don't care”,  I said

The pain soon turned to pleasure and  she was cumming again and again in no time

Of course I couldn't resist a few very hard slaps to her ass as I fucked her:)

Was very Hot!

But I am the WC with a very sore, red and bruised ass!

Of course, WC, the only thing missing here is a photo! If Mistress can share, why can't you. I'm sure B would be happy to accommodate.


Donna said...

Wow, WC, you two are rough and tumble, literally!

I do believe the description of your time together was way more exciting than the game itself!

It would be interesting to know whether you cried out for divine mercy more often than the Broncos.

Bill is still saving mine up for what he refers to as just the right time, and is enjoying reminding me several times a day that he hasn't forgotten.


WC said...

Hey Donna,


The doing and telling of it were definatly more exciting than the game!

And I never ask B for mercy

I know what the answer will be and she takes particular delight in saying NO!

Don't want her any more smug than she already is at times like that:)

The will get even,


Rich Wussy said...
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Suzanne said...


Give my thanks and my best to B. I like her spanking style!

I'm not sure I like the idea that you never ask for mercy though...I think the next one should continue until you do.

Donna...Dom/mes have this thing...they always seem to know "just the right time."



aisha said...

O, Yikes! Sounds like WC not only payed off the bet but got some well deserved pay-back too!

Donna, at least you don't have to anticipate pay-back!