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Thursday, November 18, 2010

HNT / Deploying Our Crystal Cock

Yesterday morning’s blog made me realize that crystal cock at our bedside table must have been feeling underutilized.

So when I brought the laptop up to bed to my snoozing Mistress, and woke her from her sleep, I slid the pink, translucent ridged wonder out of it’s little cozy coffin shaped box.

Mistress took care of her business, and slid back into bed with me ready to read the blog. And as she scrolled through it, I slid under the sheets, to begin grazing on her sumptuous folds.

To fuel my fetish, Mistress had decided to sleep in those black tights with the strategic opening. My cock had pressed against it for much of the night. And, well, I was kind of horny for her, as you might expect.

But first things first….

Mistress squirmed and stretched a bit as I began to lavish her with attention from my tongue, poking, probing, sliding to and fro to open her up to me. Then, with my right hand, I began to probe with the business end of the crystal cock through the opening in her tights, as it wormed it’s way to it’s destination.

“Ohhh…. Cold Slave…”

Yeah, the thing is a little cold until body heat warms it. Not like a real 98.6 degree cock. But much harder.

There is a trade-off I suppose.

“It will warm up Mistress.”

I gave her clit a firm suck, tugging it between my lips, then slid the crystal cock in a bit deeper still. That seemed to distract Mistress from the temperature differential.

Soon she had put the laptop aside, and was focused on the combined assault of my mouth augmented by those little ribs inside her bumping along her inner contours.

The orgasm that resulted seemed to clear the cobwebs from her brain. It took a good bit of digital dexterity to cling to that crystal cock as she bounced against my mouth.

I consider that a sign of a job well done.

And she must have felt the same, because my dedication and skill were richly rewarded.

“Give me my cock, Slave.”

“Of course, Mistress.”


beingaisha said...

Damn, Mick, day after day - sex and more sex. Now the crystal cock.


Life is so unfair.

But I guess I can live vicariously for a while. Maybe without whining too much. (But maybe not...)


UCTMW Enterprises Management Team said...

Sorrt @Aisha. I'm only the reporter.

Anonymous said...


I told u those two have more sex that any married couple in america. It really isint fair is it? We all live in wonder. I enjoyed reading about their trip down to vist you and D.

Must have been quite a night

the at last productive


UCTMW Enterprises Management Team said...

Yeah, WC, but since I am on a permanent "no touching" regime, it seems you get a whole lot more gratification than I do. (Tho I still consider myself the lucky one of this little trio. ) Mick