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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Setting the Stage

I got a bit carried away yesterday --- no not with my attentions to Mistress - but with the length of my description of our switch day activities.

Even M commented on it during a call with Mistress:

“M says it was a Great blog, Slave…. But it took him a long time to read.”

Frankly, I think M mostly stops by for the illustrations, which can be …. inspirational  to him in those private moments of longing.

Maybe our next business plan for UCTMW, Enterprises, LLC should include a “classic comics” version of this tome …. Fewer words, more pictures. I always need to consider ways to enhance the (non)revenue stream

So today I will tighten things up, to get to the part I promised ‘Nilla on our flight out here last Friday.

Mistress and Slave were up relatively early …. There was blog reading, enthusiastic sex, a little after-nap for me.

Then I made breakfast for Mistress and we headed up the mountain.

There had been snow falling overnight, and snow clouds were still shrouding our little hideaway when we pulled out of the drive. But as we progressed up the canyon – climbing from about 7500 ft. to 9000 feet, we emerged from the clouds into a turquiose sky and a  winter wonderland of glistening, new fallen snow, clotting  tree branches and  shrouding the rocks that clog the Arroyo rushing down hill along the road side.

This week is a slow one for the local ski area. No real crowds show up until Christmas, so we had the place almost to ourselves.
Which may explain why Mistress let her guard down a bit. We had dropped our skis off for some tuning the night before, and as we walked into the little shop to collect them, Mistress got a text from M.

“Slave… I’m going to talk to the Western Correspondent a few minutes while you get the skis. Is that OK?”

“Of course, Mistress.”

She stepped outside as I signed papers promising that whatever they had done to the skis, any injury would be our fault alone --- same as it ever was. Then the burly bearded ski maintenance guy offered to help me tote the skis and boots outside.

Sure enough, as we came through the door, there was Mistress, pacing, chatting up M, all perky and squirmy, as she becomes when talking to him. She sees me – and presumably the ski fixer guy – and blurts out all cheerily, “Oh M …. Here’s the Slave now, toting our skis….”

I was left wondering what the Ski fixer guy thought when he handed me the boots, glancing at Mistress in her shapely black ski wear. “Slave… hmmmm.”

Ah well. I’m proud to be Mistress’s Slave… whether in the bed or toting her skis Sherpa style.  So what if the guy who I can’t sue knows it.

Though there was fresh snow, the terrain open on our little mountain is still limited, so we had no tredipation about calling it a day after about seven runs – maybe two hours- in the cold blustery air.

That left plenty of time for the real luxury of the day – an extended reading, napping, sex session in our bed, that took us through sunset. After that we took dinner at a nearly deserted local road house. Then rushed back to bed….

A perfect way for Mistress and Slave to spend a day….

Which gets me back to the notion of a kinky bloggers conference out here in the shadows of these timeless mountains.

Though it clearly would  be a challenge for some of you to attend, the notion sure is fun, isn’t it?  And I suggested via email to ‘Nilla that she might want to create a fictional account  describing what kinky zaniness might ensue if the sub-sisters and their domly consorts could join us out here some summer weekend. Maybe the Western Correspondent could join us to provide a little “local color”.

But I figured that ‘Nilla might need some illustrations to get her considerable imagination perking.  Here goes:

The house has two bedrooms, an extra office/ bedroom, and a common room with kitchen, dining area, and living room.  But if things get crowded, there is a local place that can rent tipis (I’, not making that up)…. Or some charming B & B’s nearby.

The ceilings are relatively low, with hand carved “vigas” (beams) above, that easily take a load bearing eye screw, as demonstrated in Monday’s illustration.  Here is a different view.

There are two fireplaces:

Outside there is a “portal” that surrounds the house, providing shade, held up by sturdy wooden beams:

Can’t you imagine Sir D, Aisha’s fave, demonstrating his rope skills with these as props?  Why settle for one bound sub-sister  when there could be a collection for  a rope workshop. There is plenty of privacy for such displays, unless you worry about the prying eyes of a neighbor's ornamental horses.

Oh, and there is a low adobe wall surrounding our patio (not sure I have a picture of that), that could certainly handle a slave bent over for spanking or …. Whatever.

And let’s not forget the trusty picnic table:
 It has so many potential uses:

So go for it ‘Nilla.  Can’t wait to read what you might come up with.

We are now accepting conference reservations for July 4th weekend, 2011.


nilla said...

*MUAH* to you wicked kinksters...inspirations for so many nilla tales, and now....this beautiful setting.

oh, my brain, my brain (nilla grabs head as ideas begin to implode...explode...and pull apart like cell nuclei undergoing division...OMG)

WC said...


U 2 lunatics always entertain and ammuse.

Mick you are too funny.

Oh M, here is slave now toting our skies


Slave why are you up and out of this bed so early

very very funny

Your always ammused but still lazy,


UCTMW Enterprises Management Team said...

Always glad to inspire and amuse....Mick

strivingforpeace said...

I'm in -- but I might need to get a loaner for a Dom -- any thoughts?


beingaisha said...

I'm in. omg - too cool!!!

Sfp - maybe we'll invite some Dom bloggers? Or just some Doms...


sin said...

I'm SO glad it will be summer and I won't have to ski.

I will be interested to see what Nilla does with the people in her story.