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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Molly and Mick's Toy Store Stories

SFP, I promise: I will dump out the toy box (or in our case, boxes, bags and drawer) soon for their photo op. Mick and Molly have a lot of them, hidden here and there. It will make an interesting tableau.

This shot is one from the annals: taken a few months ago when our Western Correspondent wanted to know which toy to have Molly insert in her virginal little bottom to provide a little preview of what it will be like when he elects to take her that way.

Mistress is quite anxious for the opportunity. The very thought of it gets her all juicy and wanton, doesn’t it, dearest?

 These days most of our shopping is done on line. The Stockroom had a great selection and nice, prompt service. Plus you avoid all those moments of potential embarrassment as you pick out your supplies. Though I suppose there might have been a cock twitching moment of humiliation if Mistress had told me to drop by the local “Hustler” store in downtown River City, and pick up that harness and dildo she uses  when she elects to fuck me in the ass.

As I recall, it was the Mistress perusing the Stockroom catalog about two years ago that had her selecting our little white probe, seen in the photo, called the Aneros, to break me into the delights of penetration.

“It might be good for you. Remind you who is in charge, and what you are: my Slave.”

This was about a year before the contract, when Mistress was just beginning to flex her Domme muscles.

And when I first lubed it up and slid it in, it was during a video chat session, with me in River City and Mistress down in Florida during the last few months of our commuter days.

Mistress was very impressed at how obedient I was, and how frustratingly large my cock became once I was fully penetrated.


Good idea, Mistress. I was resistant at first. But Mistress does know best.

Our first visit to a Toy Store was before we discovered that Mistress should be in charge. It was probably back in the late 1980’s, when Molly and I were still “undercover”. (i.e., married but not to each other).

Somehow we arranged to be in San Francisco together. How we got away with that stuff remains a mystery to me. But there we were, alone together in one of the greatest cities on the planet, with little to do but eat well and fuck.

Mistress and I played our occasional tie up games in those days, and when we saw a funky little smut shop in that Italian Neighborhood in the north end of the City, we stopped by, and acquired some leather “handcuffs” that can buckle and lock. I recall using them in our hotel that night, Molly’s wrists bound over her head, as I took my time to extract a few orgasms from her.

We still have them: comfortable, secure, useful on either wrists or ankles. They sometimes get deployed on switch day to bind Mistress’s ankles together as I squeeze the Hitachi between clenched thighs.  Very effective. I’m surprised she’s not tried to use them on me. (hint, hint).

Of course, not all toy stores are the type of squalid, sleazy operations that seem to be the focus of Aisha and SFP’s experiences.

Two falls ago we were together in NYC. Mistress brought me along for a business meeting and we had a day for exploring Soho. We did some on-line research to find the best sex shoppes in the City that Never Sleeps.

Our first stop was at Kiki de Montpernasse. Kiki de Montparnasse

Very high end.

Muy Expensivo.

Big beautiful display windows, elegant lingerie, and all sorts of fancy “toys”. Click through some of the pages on their web site and you will see what I mean. Love the categories: “Dilletos”, “Butt-ins”. Cute.

Their retailing concept is that sex toys are now mainstream. Beautiful items to desire and deploy for discerning couples.

Or singles.

The staff are well dressed, younger women, not large guys with dirty shirts looking like they need a cigar in their mouths.

Why settle for a plastic or steel cock ring or butt plug when sterling silver is available?

We settled on our Crystal Cock, also seen in the photo.

It is Beautiful to look at and lovely to hold.

Fills Mistress quite nicely. Ad the ridges seem to have a cunning effect. It comes in a cute little coffin shaped box that slides open. It sits right on the table next to our bed for easy access. Fortunately, my cue grandson hasn’t tried to pop it open and play.


I can imagine the questions that might generate.

I’m thinking that Crystal cock is coming out of it’s box in about 20 minutes.


strivingforpeace said...

Thanks Mick -- although I don't think of Condoms to Go as squalid - it isn't exactly high end.

I know I for one look forward to the full toy-box photo op --



sin said...

Lovely story.

Molly I think Mick wants to be tied up more often. Don't you?

beingaisha said...

Thanks for sharing your story Mick! Pretty cool that youall have toys that reflect your history together...

And (like Sfp) my store wasn't exactly squalid... ok, maybe not high class. And there was that door that led to the back room... but still. {Laughing}

Sir D has what I think is a crystal cock - it's pretty amazing. Hope you two had fun with it.