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Thursday, November 11, 2010

HNT / Oops.

Slept later than normal today, dear readers. So you get a larger, more sumptuous image of Mistress's well exercised legs, and a little less of my prattle.  That's probably a very good trade for most of our readers.

She did get lots of attention yesterday.

When she read the blog lying in bed, before we headed out for a daybreak bike ride.

About 90 minutes later, Her peek-aboo tights gave my roving fingers access on the drive downtown to work. Mistress shuddered nicely as she tried to avoid the curious eyes of a trucker we passed just as my fingers found their mark.

Then she stopped by at my office for some post lunch worship. It's so much more effieient when the boots can stay on and all she has to do is spread her legs.

There was the before dinner, Mistress lays back on the bed, pages through the paper and Mick takes to his knees worship.

And of course, after bedtime, when Mick was finally rewarded for all that veneration.

I promise to wake up earluer tomorrow to provide some remnant memories of our Dungeon adventure.


beingaisha said...

Nice picture, Mick. Enjoy your "almost a day off" blogging!


nilla said...

Happy HNT to my favorite M & M's!!

you two are most *definitely* of the chocolate variety!


H said...

Love that picture very sexy

Anonymous said...

Seems like a definate improvement in undergarments!


mouse said...

very nice picture. seems like a great evening for all involved.


UCTMW Enterprises Management Team said...

thanks all. Mistress does have some pretty hot legs. all that biking pays off.

and H, Molly checked out your page and says she finds those arms pretty darn appealing. She likes your complements!

H said...

Would it not be interesting what my arms could do to Molly, at her request of course

UCTMW Enterprises Management Team said...

Molly definitely seemed engaged when she got this message on her i-phone, H.