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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Bonus Round

It was sitting there in the corner, on top of our little toy bag… right next to Mistress’s Hitachi. Propped up against the wall.

What a shame not to use it again before it shape shifted back into a kid’s ski pole, far too small for our surly teens, waiting patiently in our closet for a grandson to pick up in the years to come.

“Mistress…. Wouldn’t you like to try on our home made spreader bar one more time?”

“But it’s not Sunday, Slave…are you suggesting a mini-switch day?”

“It seems a down right shame, Mistress….”

“You mean to waste this empty house time we have here?”


“Oh, if you put it that way…. Go ahead, Slave.”

Mistress was soon on her tummy…. Ankles attached firmly to the spreader bar. Since it was not a real switch day, I only peppered her lovely bottom with a few smacks with my palm…. Just enough to get the juices flowing…. And my olfactory senses told me that those juices were indeed flowing.

Mistress does respond well to this sort of treatment, M….

I snapped a few photos, noticing that the brand name “Scott” was apparent on the side of the pole. Wonder if we can get a product placement deal from Scott for future use here?

That’s when I reached for the Hitachi.

“Mmmmmmm…” was the type of sound she made as I slid it gently between her legs, as she wriggled a bit, lifting her ass to accommodate it.

As the device hummed I was entertained by the way Mistress clenched and released those well exercised ass and thigh muscles looking for the proper purchases against the vibrating ball buried beneath her hips. And, of course, there were her calf muscles, straining against the bindings that held her legs spread, trying to squeeze her legs against that churning tool.

As the “treatment” proceeded, the frequency and desperation of this squirming and flexing was a site to behold, as Mistress breathing became more ragged into her pillow. I added in some more stinging slaps to her ass as a sort of tactical distraction that would surely prolong this exercise.

This was turning out very nicely…. Mistress was so desperately close to coming, when…. Her I-phone rang.

“Oh….damn…. ignore it…. No…. could be the girls ….. better check it Slave….”

I switched off the Hitachi, leaving Mistress heaving in desperation on the bed. Oh, my. She must have been very close.

It turned out it was a work related caller who’s name popped up on her screen. But by now I was chuckling to myself in amusement at Mistress’s plight.

“Do you want to talk to her now, Mistress…. I can bring the phone over….or should I answer and tell her you’re ‘tied up’ right now.”

“No Slave…. Ignore it…. She’ll leave a message…. Just finish what you’ve started.”

It was chance to ‘re-boot’ Mistress, and I did, taking it slow, making her start from scratch…. Until that tell-tale flexing and straining had her all hot and desperate again… oozing the juices and scent that had the bedroom rank with her arousal.


And then, suddenly, she was bucking and moaning, thrown over the edge by those powerful vibrations, her hips rising high off the bed as I made sure the Hitachi followed her until she was begging for me to turn it off, her face blotched and red with tears.

“Hold that pose, Mistress… I urged her… I think M would like this shot.”

She seemed amenable to the slutty photo of her on all fours, her swollen parts on full display, legs spread by our little converted ski pole.

“I get to approve it before it gets sent off to M, Slave.”

She keeps close watch over her image, particularly when it comes to M’s close inspection.

“Of course you do, Mistress.”

AS it turns out, Mistress approved the shot (which is far too wanton for this blog), and M apparently enjoyed it ….but then he can speak for himself, can’t he.

The rest of you can enjoy the shot above, as the early morning sun, popping up over our Mountain, illuminates Mistress in her spreader bar induced repose.

Sadly, We are packing up this morning, heading back to River City. But, as you can tell, this is a special place for us…particularly when we get some time here alone.

Hope you have enjoyed sharing it with us.


nilla said...

oh, that was fun. so fun. Beautiful shots, both. i'm so glad for you two that you had this uninterrupted time together, because, yanno, it's so hard for you two to have sex at home.


that was verrah tongue in cheek. *wicked grin*


UCTMW Enterprises Management Team said...

Yeah, 'Nilla... there's sure to be a long dry spell once we get home. Not.

Anonymous said...

Molly Collins here:
You friends all know me as the D, but please know that i do love to be the sub sometimes too. For the M/M relationship, we do best with me as the D. This mid-week mini break in which I got to be the sub was a special treat!

beingaisha said...

Hey - what a treat this post was! I loved it! Sorry you have to come back to the cold grey universe here... Sir D is back too. Must be tough... {Laughing}