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Saturday, December 18, 2010

From Capote Country

The surly teens are in back, watching their "Top Chef" marathon.

Mistress and Slave have been trading off driving shifts through Bloody Kansas.

We did stop long enough to take a shot of the "Welcome to Holcomb Kansas" sign, scene of the Clutter murders made famous by Truman Capote.

and Slave is still frustrated. 

This morning I woke in a Comfort Inn, somewhere in Missouri, with a raging hard on. The girls and Mistress were still snoozing. I was tempted to sneak off into the loo and take advantage of the privacy the way our Western Correspondent would under similar cirumstance.

But, reminded of our "no touch" rule, I thought better of it.

Hopefully I will get brownie points from Mistress this evening when we finally arrive at our undisclosed destination.


Suzanne said...

Stop depressing me. Thank God there is light at the end of that miserable tunnel called Kansas.

KellyRed said...

Oh Mick! Driving through Kansas trapped in a car with teenagers? You poor man!

beingaisha said...

Poor baby - I know you all will have some "making up for lost time" to do. But no one does that much better than you two. (Except me and Sir, of course! But we have more experience at it.)

Sorry you had to suffer through Kansas!


sin said...

I think I would have snuck into the loo!