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Thursday, December 30, 2010

HNT/ Dom-ing While Driving

It was decidedly more wintry on the slopes yesterday. Snow was falling in a fine powder, as the wind picked up and temperature fell.

So it came as no surprise to me that our sullen teens began to make noises about calling it a day by lunchtime. We’ve been skiing a lot on this trip, and I am hardly the one to veto a quick retreat down the mountain, particularly when the alternative is some quiet time between the sheets with my Mistress.

So, by around 1:30 or so, we were safely back at our toasty cabin, the teens preparing Spaghetti-O’s, (yes, the still eat that stuff), and me heating up some chili for a belated lunch.

Mistress was in our room, tending to some work emails, when I wandered in as the chili warmed.

She was casting an eye at her I-phone.

“Slave…. M wants to give me a call, and I suspect he has something more than a talk in mind… would you get out my supplies?”

She had that little light of desire in her eyes, and I was happy to have M stoke it.

“Of course, Mistress.”

I opened the drawer, pulled out the Hitachi and it’s extension cord, plugged it in for her and set it on the bed.

“Have fun, Mistress….”

She gave me a little kiss, and shut the door behind me. I switched on some music, the sort that makes the teens groan, but I figured that was better than them hearing their mother’s groans of sexual release, which might otherwise be clear but for the “white noise” of Laura Nyro and the Boss.

I had barely finished my chili, garnished with some corn chips and shredded cheese, when Mistress emerged from her little electronic rendezvous.

She had a soft cotton robe wrapped around her, seemingly naked underneath, and was now anxious for team member two of her little sexual tag team.

She seemed to veritably grab me by the collar of my shirt and haul me back into our room. So I suppose clean up the luncheon mess could wait.

Once I was suitably stripped, and reclining with her on the bed, I ran through my typical questions.

“How many, Mistress?”

“Oh, two Slave….”

Her hand was wrapped around my cock now and my fingers were sliding through the sodden folds that had already been so thoroughly exercised, yet still seemed in need of more.

“And did M get off too?”

“No… he was driving some where.”

“Wow. It was nice of him to fit you in, he must really like the sounds of your need, even when negotiating big city traffic.”

I was sliding down under the sheets now, parting her legs for some extended worship.

“Yes, Slave I think it turns him on…. Even when he can’t do it himself.”

Taking a brief break for air, I asked Mistress about his theme of the day.

“Did he have a story for you, Mistress?”

“It was based on Aisha’s Training School story slave …. I was naked and tied face to face to a male slave. His cock was very hard, and rubbing against me, but neither of us were allowed to come….”

“I’ll bet that was frustrating, Mistress….. and so cruel.”

“Yes, it was Slave.”

By now Mistress had one more little climax by way of my tongue, and I was asking permission to fuck her.

She checked to assure that my work-a-day cock met her standards, then generously granted admission.

“Thank you, Mistress….”

I’d been longing for her since she closed me out of the room an hour or so earlier, so this deferred gratification was most satisfying.

And as I fucked her, we went back to the story that M had spun for her.

“So was M the sub tied to you, or was he in charge, Mistress.”

M was in charge, of course, Slave. He was directing the action, teasing us. I’m not sure who the male sub was.”

With those thoughts, things spun a bit out of control. Mistress was coming again as my fingers worked over her clit even as my cock plunged into her. and then it was me begging for permission to come.

Which Mistress was quick and kind to grant.

I think we drifted off a bit then, with the snow still swirling down outside our window, masking the huge mountain in clouds and mist.

At some point the chime on Mistress’s phone went off again.

She groggily reached for it. Then I could hear her giggle.

“It’s from M, Slave. He says he’s going home to jerk off.”

Ummm. I suppose he deserved it. And I am glad he took it home, rather than resorting to self-help on the highway.

While Doming while driving can pose some risks of distraction, jerking off while driving could be much more perilous.

And I know the folks at the insurance desk of UCTMW would not be happy to handle a claim arising from our Western Correspondent rear ending some innocent driver, because his hand and brain were otherwise engaged.

M, if there is any rear-ending while on the UCTMW clock, please follow your protocol.


sin said...

In the discussion of M's fantasy for Molly, Mick asks whether M was the male sub tied to Molly. Molly says no, he was in charge of course. Is M ever sub with Molly?

Donna said...

I thought perhaps Mick would be the naked male slave tied to Molly. That sounds fun, doesn't it?

Suzanne said...

While M said he was headed home to jerk off, we still don't know if he had the wherewithal to make it there! Who knows, he may have exhibited some weakness of the flesh and taken things into his own hands sooner than we thought.

WC said...

No the folks at the insurance desk and Suzanne will be glad to know I waited until safly back home in my bed. And it was worth the wait!

Although in my younger days on long cross country drives it has been know to happen.

I know Mick and Molly are fond of airplane sex.

The temporally satisfied,


UCTMW Enterprises Management Team said...

Donna and Sin: Mistress says the other sub was the young stud type, so I think old Mick was out of the age bracket. Fortunately the age discrimination laws do not apply to sex blogs or fantasies derived therefrom.

And I suspect that Mistress does know domme-ing when the WC is involved.

beingaisha said...

O, my - so much fun going on here! Fantasies on top of fantasies...

I thought the male slave was you too, Mick. After all, if it's a fantasy, you can be young and studly, right? I know in my fantasies I get to look however I want...