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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Mistress's Holiday Greetings

Hello Friends:
Thanks for all of your love and support of Mick and me throughout the year. We have loved getting to know each and every one of you. We truly enjoy your adventures, posts and stories.  As we have each conveyed in our own ways -- this world has become much more interesting than the vanilla life. And I am having a hard time not blurting out details of our blog and intimate world to our vanilla friends. Candidly, it's hard to find things to talk to them about.

Know that Mick came through (as to be expected) on the Xmas morning. He delivered yet another enticing little frock which sent our kids into their own frenzy! I am certain that you will each get to see it -- because while I may be in charge of Mick's cock and body activities -- he is really in charge of our day in day out life -- and seems to post one photo of me after another. Many of those that make this 47 year old body cringe.

I am especially thankful to the WC, whom I adore. He has brought great fun, friendship and other unmentionables (because, unlike some of you -- I don't write about that stuff) into our lives! And we found him all because of this blog. How weird is that?

Have a wonderful holiday. We will spend the rest of ours on a beautiful mountain, with brilliant sunshine and the comradarie of our surly, but cute teens.



sin said...

Ysy, Molly posted!

I toltally get it. It kills me sometimes not to be able to talk about you guys with my real life people.

Btw, I like the idea of Mick in charge of your real day in day out lives while you are in charge of his body. Sweet.

And there's some cute in all our surly teens isn't there?


WC said...

Merry Christmas u 2 lunatics!

sin said...

Mine was supposed to read 'Yay... " Stupid typo.

strivingforpeace said...

Merry Christmas Molly and Mick

Suzanne said...

A very special holiday greeting to you and your clan, and the ubiquitous WC, who always seems to pop up at the appropriate time. I share your dilemma - keeping the special thing we have going a secret is truly a chore! How do these vanilla folk function every day?

So nice to have met you in this blogosphere....You are certainly very special people to us.

Love....Suzanne, sissy and Jay

beingaisha said...

Hey, Molly - Happy Holidays back to you - well, almost late, but New Year's yet to come...

You know I'm wild about you guys and hope to see you again soon - IRL! The best of all possible worlds.



nilla said...

i'm late to join in the well wishes for Yule, but i wish Y/you both the very best in the forthcoming year.

i'm not the only one who finds vanilla people boring!!! That comment made me smile, and feel so much better!

(i tend to call it yapping--and my wife talks incessantly--)

To the two of you, and the WC...happy holidays, safe journeys back home, and keep inspiring !!