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Saturday, December 18, 2010

On the Road

MAde it this far

Lots of whining on the family road trip. No one seems interested in a side trip to Holcomb , Kansas to visit the Clutter home.

We stopped at a road side motel just east of Kansas City, looking for the ghost of Harry Truman, the guy who was President at old Mick's arrival here on earth.

And with four of us in one room.... well Mistress got some good night and good morning orgasms with an assist from my skilled digits.  But Mick woke up horny, and since our girls have very sensitive ears, it seems I will stay that way until we arrive at our mountain hideaway this evening.

Up next: a dull traverse of Kansas. We know it's corny in August. But what's in store in December.

Stay tuned.


nilla said...

wishing you all clear roads, and following winds (hows that for a "mixed blessing"??)...

can't even imagine driving across Kansas (ohio and Indiana were enough for us 4 years ago....(eastbound from Chicago to Mass. with our new baby daughter, all of 6 days old...)


WC said...

Hey you 2 road warriors,

You need to have surly teens drive so you can sit in back and read porn blogs!

this driving is taking a toll on your famous sex life!

Poor Molly

The amused


sin said...

I like driving. You can talk and talk. It's nice.