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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

On the Way Home

Delta has that free wifi going this month.... so it's hard to resist providing a brief update, particularly since I suspect I will be too time lagged to get up for a proper posting on Thursday morning.

After Mistress's encounter with the tricked out ski pole, we fixed some breakfast and headed up the mountain for  a half dozen ski runs in some very frigid, windy air.

By frigid I mean, the temperature never tipped above 10 degrees.

So when we got home, around 1 pm, we were both in need of some warming up. We planned a quick trip to the post office to mail off some Christmas presents we had acquired for relatives, then some serious under the covers time.

But just as we were taping up our package, Mistress got a text message from M.

"Uhhh .... Slave. He wants to know if I can talk...."

Well I knew there was some pent up M/Molly demand, so I happily agreed to make the post office run myself.

"Of course, Mistress.... do you know where your power tool is, just in case you have a need for it?"

I was a cracker jack Boy Scout all those years ago. "Be Prepared" remains my motto.

"Why don't you get it ready for me, Slave."

I did so, happily.... making sure the extension cord was on and her Hitachi was plugged in and resting on the bed, and at the ready.

Then I was off, posted our package, then shopped for a few more family gifts at our local General Store. I was making myself scarce, to give Mistress and M the privacy they deserved.

About 30 minutes later the text message chime on my phone went off....

'Call over, Slave."

I returned home then, and Mistress had that contented, well fucked look on her face.

"How many, Mistress?"

"Only one, Slave ... he wanted to make me have more, but I told him I was afraid that I'd embarasss you if you just walked in on me .... you know...."

I did know. Been there done that.... very hot, I must say, seeing Mistress writhing on the bed, all wrapped around her power tool, heeding M's directions.

"It's happened before, Mistress.... ",  I reminded her of those events at the Lake Michigan Inn a few months back.

"I know, Slave.... that's what M said too."

By now, Mistress was warmed up plenty. and I was inspired by the brilliant sunshine in our little valley, where the temperature was considerably warmer than up on the mountain. I proposed a bike ride before we retired to our bed, and Mistress agreed.

"But I want that cock as soon as we get back, Slave."

That would not be a problem.

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beingaisha said...

Glad you got this posted - I would have missed it dreadfully! Another nice exercise in sexual thrills...