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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Mistress Tests Her New Tool

Slave wore his cage yesterday. It was a cold morning, so it took a little extra effort to smush my contracted testes into the little steel ring. But once all of my “goods” were surrounded, I slid the cage into place and Mistress closed the lock with that little smirk of hers.

“Don’t get in trouble today, Slave.”

As if.

Mistress was still reclining in bed. We had been out a little late, celebrating a friend’s surprising retirement at a party that lasted late into the evening. The late hours and excessive consumption had us both dragging a bit. But duty called me, and Mistress had another duty to perform back in our bed.

She and our Western Correspondent had arranged for a conference call of the lengthy and reclining type.

“Where will M be calling from, Mistress?”

“I think from home …. His bed probably.”

“Well this should be entertaining …. Don’t forget to review his objectives for next year Mistress…. We could use a little more productivity from him. That tutorial on ass fucking seemed to be a big hit, even if Sin does not have a weakness for enemas.”

“I think M may be guiding this particular discussion, Slave….”

I kissed my CEO good bye, settled in at the office. I knew their call was to be around 9:45 River City time. Mistress finally came up for air at around 11:30 or so when she called me from her car, finally on the way to her day job.

“Good to hear from you Mistress …. Did you have a productive meeting?”

“You could call it that Slave…. That new Hitachi …. Wow. It seems more powerful than our first model …. And a little louder. M said he could hear it over the phone.”

“Good to know the delay was worth the wait, Mistress…. So how many were you allowed?”

It had been since the afternoon before…. All that denial for my poor CEO must have been trying for her.

“I lost track Slave…. But will tell you all about it tonight.”

The teens were taking themselves to dinner. So Mistress and Slave had the house to themselves, at least for a while.

The temperature had finally broken above 40, so had plans to bundle up for a nice a nice bracing bike ride in the dark to clear away all those cob webs from the night before.

But first, some worship was in order. Mistress had been texting with M when I got home…. She signed off with a brief “worship time”, then settled onto the bed, legs spread.

Of course, by now I was on my knees, and I feasted for a while, listening to her recount some of her morning’s highlights.

“M says he may need to buy a new Hitachi for B…. he was impressed that the new model has a little more pizzazz, Slave….”

After our ride, we opted for bed while the kids were still away.

“Put in your device Slave….I want a very hard cock.”

“I don’t think that will be a problem, Mistress.”

After all, for me it had been almost 36 hours, because of the orgasm embargo M had imposed. But… ever obedient … I lubed up our little aneros and slid it home. It produced the expected results, my cock beginning to fill out even before I slid into bed next to Mistress.

(Foxy…. This little device might be a good “stocking stuffer” for your Hubs, should you decide to steer him in that direction.)

With Slave fully equipped, we huddled up under the sheets, pressing against one another. Mistress seemed to enjoy the friction of my knuckle buried in her sweet and fragrant folds as we moved together, coming that way once, before she allowed my cock entry.

And as we took our time, Mistress talked a little more about her morning with M.

“So what sordid tale did he spin for you, Mistress?”

“Oh the usual Slave…. We went to a BDSM party in Aspen. He had some rope expert truss me up and put me on display ….. and I had to suck some other men’s cocks….”

“Did you enjoy all those cocks, Mistress?”

“It seems I did, Slave….”

“And what did M get out of all this?”

“He got to fuck me in the ass, Slave…”

I’m pressing hard against her now, and using some lateral motion to press her into another moaning climax.

And I was considering the image of M using those tutorial techniques with Mistress…

It’s clearly something she anticipates with a great deal of longing.

But that enema first?

Good luck with that, M.



foxy said...

LOL. Oh, I'm steering that way, believe me. :) I've already looked at the aneros online. Our anniversary is Monday and we're going "fun shopping". I'll be sure to post how that goes!

sin said...

Ha, it sounds like maybe it isn't just me who is less than enthusiastic about the E-word.

beingaisha said...

@Sin - I with youall - no enthusiasm for the E-word.

Nice post, Mick - glad to hear the new Hitachi is even an improvement over the old one!


WC said...

Well Mick now you have thrown down the challenge,

Now it is an enema for Molly for sure,

Told her so and she has agreed, Haha

Your at least a little but productive


Donna said...

Dear Molly,

I would hate to seem indiscreet here, but a bit of time spent with an over the counter Fleet enema kit is much less traumatic than the surprises that can occur without one. And the ultimate reward is so worth a few minutes of inconvenience. Really, honey.


UCTMW Enterprises Management Team said...

It's good to see everyone weighing in on the subject. though it sounds like this may not be a matter of discretion for dear Molly.

Happy anniversary, Foxy....