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Friday, December 24, 2010

The Morning Before Christmas

Our morning rituals went a little askew yesterday.

You may remember that our schedule Wednesday evening did not allow time for Slave to properly fuck Mistress  after that clever “three way” stress relief session.

Then, when our friends left after an enjoyable evening listening to music at a local piano bar, Mistress was sleepy and ready for bed.

“I think you’ll have to wait until morning, Slave….”

That seemed quite reasonable to me, not that a Slave should have much say in such matters.

But when I woke around 5:30 am mountain time, when I might usually start working on the blog… there was an issue…. I had a very hard and needy cock. I mean, it had been almost 24 hours!!

I knew I was risking some Mistress wrath if I woke her in a fashion that she found unappealing, but….

I sidled up to her, closer in bed. She often says she likes me to press up against her this way, so she can feel my cock resting there between her warm and firm cheeks.

But this time the cock was not “at ease”. NO it was poking and burrowing, with a life and styling’s of it’s own.

And my left hand could not help but wrap around her, cupping a breast, lightly grasping her nipple between the sides of two fingers…. That could just be happenstance, couldn’t it?

She came awake slowly,,,,

“Ummmm …. Slave …. What are you up to? It’s so dark out.”

It was. Thick clouds, dumping snow on our mountain, were blocking the bright light of the nearly full moon.

“Well, Mistress …. I woke with a hard cock.”

I believe honesty is the best policy in dealing with a waking Mistress.

“I like that, Slave….and it seems you want to deal with this issue now?”

“If you, don’t mind, Mistress.”

Her butt wiggled, as if her cheeks were trying to grasp that hard cock doing the burrowing.”

“No Slave…. I don’t mind…..I like it when you are desperate for me.”

Of course, protocol here at UCTMW Enterprises always call for Mistress to be the first to “come” at these sorts of conferences.  And the method chosen was with my hand reaching around her, my fingers spreading her lips, already seeming moist and succulent. I slid a finger ever so gently inside her, so that the tip could seek out that little trigger point buried within, while the upper half of said finger glided across her needy little clit.

This approach turned out to be surprisingly efficient, and soon, Mistress was pumping her hips against my hand, gasping into a nice little introductory climax.

“Would you like to fuck me now, Slave?”

“I thought you’d never ask, Mistress.”

Afterwards Mistress drifted back to sleep, seemingly not displeased with her rude awakening, and Slave went about his blogging business.  There were curious readers to satisfy now.

You will be happy to know that Mistress was not shortchanged though. When she asked to read the blog later that morning, before it was time to head up our Mountain, she was lavished with some additional worship from her Slave.

It was the least I could do in light of her patience with me before her normal wake-up call.

Today will be a very busy one here in our undisclosed location. First, an abbreviated ski day to take advantage of some new fallen snow.  Then, a quick stop at the grocery for some Holiday dinner provisions. Then a trip to our local Pueblo for their timeless Christmas Eve / Solstice celebration. The teens will whine about the smoky smell in their hair from dozens of blazing fires. But Molly and Mick hope that they learn that these end of year holidays are not just about a single culture’s propensity for commercial excess.

Then again, I suppose those of us at UCTMW can be accused of a certain type of excess ourselves

From our top management, to our far flung reporting staff to those lowly horny tools in our mail room, the staff here at UCTMW wishes a peaceful and joyous  Christmas for all of you who celebrate it. 


Suzanne said...

I hope the surly teens learn the evils of just about all types of "excess." There are exceptions you now.

On another subject, what about "The Bondage Bean" or "The Collared Cup"????

Enjoy the holiday season in the undisclosed location!

beingaisha said...

Merry Christmas, Mick and Molly - Wishing you lots of joy for the New Year!


WC said...

Merry X-mass U 2 lunatics!!

Your ever devoted


Married Domme said...

Merry christmas to you and your family.. I enjoy your blog. thanks for sharing.

Married Domme