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Monday, December 6, 2010

Slave Apologizes for His Long Absence on a Sunday

Dear Mistress,

First, I apologize for being gone so long yesterday.

Football out in the freezing River City winter with the surly teens, followed by that long meeting caused me to fall behind on my duties to you. And I’m sorry that M and / or the Hitachi were not around to help fill the gap caused by my absence.

But it was very amusing to see your comment on yesterday’s blog pop up in my blackberry in box last night, as I listened to folks prattle on. They must not have had as lovely a companion waiting for them at home as I did, or they would have wound things up much earlier.

I suppose both M and I are lucky that you did not put out a “casting call” for an extra Dom, with all that time on your hands yesterday.

And of course I am grateful that you elected to pick me up at my meeting rather than make me walk home in the cold. Hopefully my warmth under the covers last night made up for my neglect for such a long part of your Sunday.

By the way, it was very nice for me to exercise my switch privileges yesterday morning. I know you were concerned that it might not be quite the same without the Hitachi, but then we did have some other “resources” available.

You were very co-operative as I locked the red cuffs on your wrists, had you roll over onto your tummy and attached them to the little ring at the top of our bed. And you didn’t seem to mind when I used those soft towel strips to bind your ankles spread wide to each corner of our bed. In fact once you were properly secured your little ass took on that tell tale squirm as you ground your fragrant pussy against our bed.

I was pleased that you didn’t complain as I began to spank your bottom with my palm. It seemed to get the blood flowing for you, as your squirming took on a little more desperate caste, and your butt turned a nice cherry red.

I alternated with the feather for a while, sliding it from the bottom of your delightful feet, up the inside of your thigh and poking at those squirmy parts with it’s very tip. That seemed to get you going too, Mistress.

And when I fed you my cock, you seemed almost grateful for the privilege, using that greedy little mouth to make it nice and firm for the next phase of our morning’s exercise.

As I slid on top, you cautioned me that it seemed to be probing at to wrong little orifice.

“Sorry, Mistress…. I know you’re saving that one for our Western Correspondent….”

So I used my fingers to spread your lips a bit wider, foraging my way blindly until I could tell by your tell tale moans that I was in the proper neighborhood.

As I pounded into your bound body from behind, I enjoyed your little whimpers of pleasure, and the way that lovely ass rose to meet my thrusts. You seemed to come for me at least once that way.

I think it was during this process that I questioned you about that ongoing story M has shared with you. As best I can tell, you are told to meet him at a Hotel in Vegas, and a certain Bellman is assigned to meet you in the lobby and bring you and your bag to the room.

That’s where it gets interesting.

“Has M told you what to do in advance?”

“No…. just to follow the guy’s instructions.”

“Which apparently involve stripping, and allowing him to tie you to the bed?”

“Yes…. That’s what happens….”

“and how does it feel stripping for this designated Dom, Mistress….”

“Humiliating, Slave…”

“And hot?”

“So it seems, Slave….”

All the while I was fucking you, hoping that your head was drifting into this imaginary hotel room.

“So he just leaves you there, for M?”

“There’s something else Slave…. I have to suck the Bellman’s cock, before M gets there….”

“How’s that, Mistress….sucking this stranger’s cock?”

“Pretty intense, Slave…..”

“But how does his cock compare to the special occasion cock that M will be bringing with him later in the story.”

“Uhhh…. Not sure that was described, Slave…”

“Well don’t you think it’s a bit smaller…. I mean, M wouldn’t have you imagine a bigger cock as an appetizer, would he….”

At this point we were both laughing ….

“No…. I don’t think the story went into specifics about cock size, Slave….”

By now I had released your ankles and turned you over so that I was taking you from above. Enjoying the soft velvety warmth of you engulfing my work-a-day cock. And after I made sure you came at least one more time that way, you granted me permission to come as well.

It’s funny how on switch day I still ask for permission to come, Mistress.

I suppose it’s because you have me very well programmed.


Your Humble Servant, Mick.

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beingaisha said...

Glad you had a nice switch day! even without the hitachi... I may have taken your share of hitachi use yesterday morning anyhow.