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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Quantity vs. Duration

Mistress has an early curtain call this am… so not much time for me to complete my homework and make sure she has a good start for her day.

So how about a few words on something we’ve been discussing with our Western Correspondent of late: quantity vs. quality.

M often suggests to Molly that we have sex than most married couples he knows… well, to add a little hyperbole… he says we do it more often than any couple in America.  Probably a stretch…. But I wonder if there’s a Guiness entry on the subject.

M has often shared with Mistress the details and impressive length of his “epic” sexual encounters with his wife, B. Two hours seems to be standard issue for them… with lots of position switching, spanking, Hitachi using thrown in. But all this does not necessarily happen on a daily basis in the Western Correspondent’s field office.

 In contrast, the Collins do have frequent sexual encounters here at the Home Office.  But of much briefer durations.

Yesterday alone …. There was some hot conventional sex when I woke Mistress, during and after she read the blog featuring her reddened ass.  Lets say that lasted 15 minutes.

I was told to wear my cage, because Mistress was going to linger at home a little longer than normal – she had arranged for a phone date with M.

Which also turned out to be a “quickie”. On Friday they must have gone on for 75 minutes. Yesterday …. Only 15 or so…. One measly Hitachi induced barn burner for Mistress.

“He had been shut out over the weekend because his in-laws were in town, Slave….So B stayed home a bit longer than normal to perform her maritial duties.”

“Well it was about time, Mistress.”

So after M got Mistress off, B got M off.

There is some symmetry for you.

Of course that was not all for Mistress yesterday.

She stopped by my office for some post lunch worship. I took the attached photo, and sent a more explicit one to M for his entertainment.

After Mistress came, her lugs squeezing my head with her final little burst of lust she commiserated.

“It’s a shame you have the cage on Slave, or I’d give my work-a-day cock some special attention.”

Yes, it was a shame.

And that was another quickie: no more than about 10 minutes from the time Mistress stripped off a black boot and one leg of her black tights, to the point of costume reassembly and she’s kissing me goodbye and heading for the elevator.

Then, at home around 7 pm, she had another worship cum, as I expressed my gratitude for unlocking my cage. Let’s call that 5 minutes of delight, before she served the family dinner – some lovely lasagna she had whipped up that morning while awaiting M’s call.

After some TV, there was some lush and luxuriant good night sex – a little longer this time – let’s say 20 minutes of mutual stimulation. A good time for all.

That’s not an untypical day for us here in the Collins household. Slave got two “permissions to come”.  Mistress gets a few more “bonus” orgasms thrown in, as you might expect due to her status.

But aside from the weekend Switch sessions, and those wonderful Saturday afternoons when Mistress chooses to fuck her Slave in the ass, we rarely hit the 45 minute mark.

Does that make us lazy pretenders to sexual glory?

Wondering what our readers think on the issue of quantity vs. duration.


foxy said...

From what I've read on your blog so far, I would
never call you two pretenders! You seem to spend a good portion of your time together, not needing to reconnect or warm up as some couples do. That probably prevents the need for epic sessions. Not that those aren't fun once in awhile. (but they tend to require longer recovery!)

I suppose other than that, it's just personal preference.

beingaisha said...

I think your quantity more than makes up for any lack of quantity.

Just my opinion...