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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Home for the Holidays

After about 1343 miles (who’s counting?) and 22.6 hours (Mapquest got it right) of cruising the highways and byways of our vast heartland, the UCTMW mobile unit pulled into our snow covered drive out here in the Land of Enchantment last night around 8:30 pm Mountain time.

As I mentioned on a quickie post made somewhere west of Garden City, Kan., yesterday, home of the infamous “In Cold Blood” trial, Slave began the day somewhat frustrated.

Our quarters were "close" at the Comfort Inn near the home of Harry Truman. The teens were in a queen size bed right next to ours.

Mistress was sympathetic when we scurried into the bathroom. She used some handy container of moisturizer to lube up my hard and desperate cock, then bent over the counter, allowing me access from behind. And she was certainly wet and ready for me after I had gotten her off in bed with my well trained digits.

But the angle was off, the position was uncomfortable, and the harsh bathroom lights were glaring and antiseptic.  Slave only became more frustrated.  And although Mistress seemed willing to pursue other options, the thought of the teens stirring in the other room dampened the moment.

So there was a nice warm shower together instead.

And Slave was left wanting, needing, frustrated.

As a Slave should be, I suppose.

Then it was back on the highway, headed West.

Although there were a few times along the way when we questioned our judgment to bite off this long road trip, our doubts melted away when we arrived safely, no more exhausted than after one of those long days negotiating America’s deteriorating and stressful air travel “industry”.

Of course there were a few things that helped along the way:

·      The power converter that allowed the surly teens to keep their laptops powered up through Missouri and Kansas and Colorado, allowing them to watch al those videos rather than whine to us about the indignity of a road trip.

·      My newly acquired Verizon MiFi, a portable wifi hub that allows you to take an internet connection on the road that works on multiple laptops at the same tine. Who would have thought that even on vast empty stretches of highway on SW Kansas you could get internet on the fly. (Of course, this allowed both of us to catch up on your blogs and to kibbitz about your adventures. Suzanne, Jay and Tammy were of particular interest to us yesterday).

·      Music. Had the little hot wire that connected my I-Pod to the sound system. We could even play tunes off of YouTube by plugging the laptop in to the sound system with that wire.  When spirits were low, we could have a sing-a-long to Adam Sandler Chanukah song.

·      Our Western Correspondent. He seemed to be in frequent touch with Mistress via email and text message much of the afternoon Friday, and through the day on Saturday. Whether it was showing us pictures of the salmon he was preparing for dinner, or smutty little comments, it kept us awake and engaged.

I could hear the little chime go off when I was driving and would raise an eyebow at Mistress.  Of course the teens were ear-budded to the max, and were seemingly oblivious to these little encoded comments between us.

“I told him about this morning….. he says it’s good for you.”

I sent M an email myself yesterday, complementing him on all the page views that his “Ass fucking” tutorial has been getting. More than 400 yesterday alone.  He suggested in a text to Mistress that we re-post it. Here it is….

That leaves us wondering if  more virgin asses are being given for the Holidays this year than in Years past.

Some of M’s text messages yesterday were handy tips on what was going on in the blog world.

“He says to check out “BrookePuppy”, that it reminds him of “us””.

Sure enough Mistress scrolled down Brooke’s “Phone Sex” entry and seemed to be a little more squirmy in her passenger seat than normal. And when it was my turn to ride and read, yeah…. Very hot. It does remind me of how Mistress gets when M is requesting a date, or texting wanton suggestions about how he might use her for his pleasure.  Here is a link to that:

And I suspect that’s exactly the types of messages Mistress was getting from M as we tooled across Kansas and into Colorado as the sun set last night.  (M also texted some details of Brooke’s back story in little phrases, as Mistress questioned him via text).

When we finally got home, after a quick stop for provisions in a backwater Safeway on the lip of the Sangre de Christo Mountains, the teens were done with us, and hauled their bags to their room to settle in and hit their soft comfy beds.

I was putting away groceries, when Mistress got a text.

“How did he know we were here already, Slave.”

“Go ahead and call if you like, Mistress…. I have some things to do….”

She tried to beg off, not wanting to offend me,  I suspect. But I knew there was a large part of her that missed M’s voice, so she accepted my offer. I even poured her a Tequilla on the rocks to enjoy as they chatted.

About 30 minutes later, Mistress came out of our room, seemingly refreshed, and ready to make sure I was too.

“Come to bed now, Slave….you remembered your device, didn’t you.”

“I did, Mistress.”

“Good, I would not want to have to punish you again for that….”

By the time I lubed it up and slid it home, my cock was as desperate as it had been in the morning, despite all the time behind the wheel.

I worked Mistress up to a lather with my fingers and mouth, and her hand on my cock had me close to the edge.

“Why don’t you ride my cock, Mistress….”

“Well you’re getting all bossy, Slave, who put you in charge?”

Check your watch, Mistress…. It’s after midnight, East Coast time.

“Ohhhh…. Switch day….”

Exactly. We started early. An the wait was well worth it by the time we were done.


beingaisha said...

Nice! Glad you got this posted before I had to leave the house - I was afraid you might still be waiting for relief - glad you're not!

And really glad you made it safely to your "home for the holidays!"


sin said...

Air travel is so horrible these days, I agree.

I love the comment about the slave bleing left wanting, needy, frustrated. As a slave should be you add. Yep. Nice. Well, nicer sometimes to read about than to live though, but steamy nonetheless.

nilla said...

frustration usually ends with a lovely and explosive BANG!!!

hope yours did, my friend!!

Tho i'm not Jewish, i love the Adam Sandler song too...haven't heard it at all this year, rats! i'm guessing there's a Utube version of it somewhere...

have fun..i didn't realize you were @ the Sangre de Cristo's!!! my oldest dearest friend lives very close to there on the Colorado side.