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Monday, December 13, 2010

Mistress Whines On Switch Day

Mistress was a bit recalcitrant yesterday when it came time to submit to my exercise of switch privileges.

The whining began as I collected some tools for her restraint.

She eyed the long towel strips and suspected – as she should have – that my plan was to spread her legs and tie them off to the corners of the bed.

“But it’s so cold, Slave…. I don’t want to be uncovered.”

I rolled my eyes.

I knew this would be a challenge. But, ever the good Slave, even on switch days, I readjusted.

Her hands were linked together with our red cuffs, over head, and tied off to the ring at the center of the head of our bed. But as I shifted to help her, my elbow must have come into contact with her delicate skin just a bit….

“Owww…. Your elbow pinched my nipple, Slave….”

Setting aside the fantastical notion that my conventionally blunt elbow could do ANY pinching, I clucked in faux sympathy.

“Oh dear …. sorry Mistress … maybe I should just get out the nipple clamps and do the job properly?”

“You wouldn’t …. Those hurt so much…..”

Well I should have. But once again Slave was a little too focused on pleasuring Mistress than taking advantage.

We solved the “cold” problem but tying her ankles together, so they could remain safely tucked under the sheets.

And then I cuddled next to her, using my warm hands to softly caress her now squirming body.

I do think she likes the restraint part, and the curiosity about what comes next. She was on her tummy, and her ass was squirming so wantonly against my hand and the bed beneath her. I wondered if she could work herself to an orgasm without any other stimulation.

I’m filing that away for another occasion.

That’s when I began to spank her.

“Ouch … that hurts, Slave.”

“Stop the whining Mistress…. You know you love it …. And that it’s not nearly as bad as if your friend the WC were administering the punishment.”

The thought of that seemed to make her squirm all the more. Was her ass actually rising up to meet my hand?

“You’re probably right, Slave.”

After her bottom was nice and red, I snapped some photos…. Then reached for her new power tool, the one she had broken in with M on Friday morning.

With her legs tied together I had to slide it between her thighs with a little effort…. And it drove her wild.

“Is this what you’ve been waiting for, Mistress?”

“You know it is Slave.”

Her thighs and ass were flexing with abandon, trying to squeeze all the pleasure she could out of the little device.

And as she worked herself into a frenzy, my lips grazed on the delicious surface of her neck and shoulders… Yum.

I could tell she was trying to build slowly…. Not wanting to fall off the cliff too swiftly… getting her money’s worth, so to speak, from my attention.

But ultimately she succumbed to the inevitable compulsion of the churning Magic Wand…. Moaning, bucking, her hips rising up off the bed, almost (but not quite) trying to avoid the relentless vibrations of her new toy.

But my hand pressed its advantage, bringing the tool up to meet her now satisfied cunt until she was begging me to stop.

“Oh… had enough have we, Mistress….”

But of course I accommodated her, switching it off and tucking it back under the ebd.

“I want my cock now, Slave….”

“I think that can be arranged, Mistress.”


beingaisha said...

Glad to hear you were able to keep her warm and cozy on your day to Dom her... Always a pleasure to read about your fun and games!


nilla said...

i have a suggestion (and this may be a repeat...)

but to bring Mistress to the edge...and back away.
(i've done this to *myself* and it's hot hot hot...i can't imagine having it done *to* you...uber hawt)

and do that several times...
the final explosion is.... exhilarating, bone shakingly awesome.

you two have more sex than anyone in America, i swear!!



WC said...

I know Nila,

Those two lunatics do have more sex than anyone in America!

The amazed


mouse said...

Sounds like a lot of fun!


UCTMW Enterprises Management Team said...

Mick here... I am happy to speculate that I have more sex than any 60 yr. old guy in AMerica....I don't need the junior circuit record.