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Sunday, December 12, 2010

From the Annals

We were biking in the cold yesterday afternoon – well not too cold. We are in between snow falls here in River City. So we took advantage of that window of opportunity for some out door exercise.

“Slave …. M says if you want you can post some of those stories he sent us when we were first emailing with him … those ones about that girl, his roommate, all that stuff….”

I figured maybe M was trying to leverage his column inches before the end of the year, hoping it would impact his incentive compensation calculation for 2010.

So being a dutiful Slave I started scouring through our in box from early in the year. So far I have yet to find some of those kinky gens, but I did find this… M’s first email to Molly and Mick, nearly a year ago, on Christmas day, 2009:

“I am the man who left the comment on your blog. I usually do not comment but wanted to thank you as we love your blog. As you invited people to email you I am doing so. We are a couple with two kids. I'm 50 and my wife is 48 our kids are 13 and 11. I too am my wife's slave and she is my mistress. I call her Mamm. We love it and our having the time of our lives exploring this lifestyle. If you would like to I would love to email with you.

Yours truly,

M and B”

Well it seems that the M and B relationship has evolved some over the last year. But what is also compelling is how the Molly and M relationship has grown and evolved over the last year too.

They seem well tuned to each other’s rhythms, despite the occasional hiccup or two.

Yesterday afternoon is an example.

Mistress was attending to various beauty rituals in the morning. I was playing with my adorable grandson. And after both of us were done with those activities, and took that brisk bike ride, we reunited in our Chambers with the door closed to wandering teens.

Mistress was already there in bed. Working on a vanilla blog, and her phone was handy too.

“M’s been texting me Slave …. He said that he and B were already to have sex and then his in-laws showed up….”


M and B are much more gracious with Parent time than we are here in River City.

“He says I need to get tougher on you, Slave…. That’d you’d love it…”

“It wouldn’t be my place to disagree, Mistress.”

We settled into bed…. a nap first and then….”

The chime on Mistress’s phone went off…She giggled, and read it to me.

“Are you guys having sex yet?”

“I’m telling him nap first, then sex…..”

And that’s what we did…. I woke Mistress around 4 pm…. We had time for a nice luxuriously slow fuck before it was time for her to begin primping for our evening engagements.

After she showered, and smeared all that moisturizer on her lush body, she looked at her phone.

“Sounds like M is home alone now, Slave…. Do you mind if I call to say hello.”

“Of course not, Mistress.”

So there we were … Mistress lying in bed, chatting with M about his day, me getting dressed for our night out.

To M: “I was too warm in bed to get up to get the equipment to fuck Slave in the ass today, M…. Hate to let you down.”

To me: “Slave, are you sure you want to wear THAT shirt…. At least wear a sport coat with it.”

“Of course Mistress….”

And to both of us: “This is so nice…. To have the two of you sort of here with me together…”

Mistress is there, phone in hand, naked, under the covers. And though it had only been about 30 minutes since her last collection of cums, she somehow seemed … in need. A Slave knows. It’s the smile, the tell tale wriggle that a less devoted consort might not notice.

“Would you like me to worship, Mistress?”

“M, the Slave wants to know if he can worship… now.”

She listens to him a bit more.

I asked again.

“M, I think the Slave really wants to worship me…. Do you mind.”

It was obvious M didn’t mind.

Mistress pulled away the covers. Soon I was on my knees, positioning her, with her legs spread, wide open for me.

“I just cleaned up down there, M…. so Slave’s got a very smooth cunt to worship.”

She was so very smooth, all freshly washed, shaved, moisturized, all ready for my tongue and lips.

And as I devoted myself to this pleasant task, I could tell M was contributing with some inspiring words. But all I could hear was, “Yes… Mike…. I would Mike….”, in that far away voice.

And soon Mistress’s hips were bucking against my eager mouth, a leg wrapping itself around my neck to pull me even closer to her.

“Ummm…. That was nice Slave….”

After, on our drive to a big festive Holiday concert, I asked Mistress what M had been whispering in her ear as I drew that last orgasm from her.

“Oh… I think he was imagining me sucking his cock while you were worshiping my cunt, Slave….”

“That would be hot, wouldn’t it Mistress?”

“Very Hot, Slave. Very hot.”


sin said...

This is a huge reveal, that M and B are slave and Mistress as well. Slave to her, Master to Molly, who is Mistress to you and submissive (or is it slave? I think submissive) to M. except on Sundays when she is submissive/slave to you.

How interesting is that??

I think it reminds me of how different we all are in our different relationships with different people.

As always, thanks for sharing Mick.

beingaisha said...

Love the historical e-mail, Mick - the relationships are interesting, aren't they? It's so nice that it works for youall so well...

Thanks, Mick,


Donna said...

Very hot, indeed!

Suzanne said...

I was a bit confused for awhile...but this helps clarify the relationships. At least I think it does :) At any rate, very erotic!!!

SometimesSpanked said...

Lovely mental picture!! :)