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Thursday, December 9, 2010

HNT/ A Tutorial from Our Western Correspondent

Things are looking up here in the Collins Household, particularly after that belated delivery from UPS got me out of the mailroom and back to the Executive Suite (and Mistress’s good graces).

As it turns out, the critical package arrived earlier in the week, but lingered too long in our firm mail room. Maybe Mistress should engage in some executive coaching with the mail room staff, with her handy riding crop.

But I digress….

After work we met the teens at our gym for an hour of exercise, then headed to Chipotle, a favorite feeding venue for them, to cancel the benefits of the hour of exercise. Then it was home, where Molly and Mick promptly retired to our Chambers. I unpacked Mistress’s power tool, plugged it in and left it there where she likes it, just under the bed.

On the drive home, Mistress has shared some of her text message banter with M over when and how she might get to try out her new tool. It was clear Mistress was eager to make sure it was firing on all cylinders…. There was a lot of pent up demand after  a week relying on more “primitive” getting-off techniques.

On the other hand, M was insisting that she save her needs and her new machine until their planned date on Friday morning.

Mistress settled into bed as I pulled together some family Christmas gifts. She was feeling a bit under the weather, so I figured the debate about whether to follow or defy M’s very clear directions was now moot.

But…. Well. I’m saving the denouement of this little story line for tomorrow….

Instead I want to share the following from M, our Western Correspondent.  With a deal in Washington to extend the tax cut, and with year end bonus calculations coming up at UCTMW Enterprises, maybe he decided it was worth his  time to  generate some additional column inches  for our humble publication. In any event, I am sure that some of the sub sisters will be interested in commenting on his proposed technique. I know that in our editorial session on this issue, Mistress seemed to be very squishy and squirmy as she studied and gave me some editorial guidance on M’s latest contribution.

I've added some musical accompaniment with this link.The Doors. "Back Door Man". 

“How to Use a Submissive’s  Ass for the First Time”

Hey Mick,

Hope this finds you well

Decided to earn my keep and write another tutorial for UCTMW.

The article is geared toward a male dominant using his female submissive’s ass for the first time.  But there is no reason the same technique's wouldn't work with a femme dom and strap-on.

The two main positions for penetrating the subs anus are doggie style, and missionary, or diaper style.

The submissive should be stripped bare naked. A couple of enemas should be administered at least two hours before use.  I recommend that the dominant administer the enema himself, as it is fun and can be very embarrassing for the submissive.

I then recommend a good hard strapping on the bare bottom. 

A good stout leather strap or belt will do nicely

It works well to apply a few firm strokes, than lecture and proceed to lube up her rectum.

Take you time to assure she is soundly strapped and very well lubricated.

If strapping in the diaper position, some blows can be brought down directly on her anus and/or labia

This will get a wonderful reaction out of her as she tries to retract her labia and anus inward to avoid the blows.

As always, pay no attention to her cries and pleas for mercy and strap her just as hard as you wish.

The other benefit of administering a good sound strapping is that it will nicely stiffen the dominant’s penis for the task ahead.

Now thoroughly lubricate your penis.

Go slowly, you do not want to cause pain here.

Take as much time  as needed for her anus to accommodate your member.

This can take up to 5 minutes, but is very important. 

The larger you are the longer this can take.

The pain of too sudden a penetration is not sexual at all, and may well sour the submissive’s attitude to this pleasurable activity.

Once she can comfortably accommodate you in her rectum, slowly begin to fuck her just as you would in her vagina.

Whether you let her cum is, of course, the Dominant’s choice.

Some submissives can orgasm from anal sex alone.

Some dominants allow the submissive to masturbate herself while she is being used in this fashion.

Some dominants will rub their slave off as they use her from behind.

It is a matter of preference.

After taking your pleasure in her bottom, it is always a good idea to rub your cock clean on her ass and have her thank you for using her.

Hope someone finds this helpful or hot!

The finally a little bit productive.


Thanks, M for this helpful contribution. I am sure our CEO will consider it when she calculates your year end bonus.


beingaisha said...

Ok, that was kinda hot...


And you know I'm glad you're back in Herself's good graces, Mick! Are we placing any bets on whether or not she can hold out til Friday morning? (Of course, if she's sick, all bets are off...) But if she's not, I'd like to know if there's going to be a betting pool.


foxy said...

That M seems to be a very wise man!

Mick, I thoroughly enjoy reading every single one of your posts, and can I just say how impressed I am with your use of the word dénouement? Brains are so sexy!

Molly, I'm very envious of your stunning tanlines? How DO you manage that in Ohio? Surely they're not summer leftovers?

Anonymous said...

As Joni Mitchell said, "Maybe it's the time of man, maybe it's the time of year," Molly Collins (me) is compelled to comment more on our blog lately...happy holidays! Agree friends, smart is sexy and Mick is wicked smart and wicked funny! He has kept me entertained since 1988 -- never a dull moment. And yes, WC/M is a welcome addition to our lives (we can't imagine it without him) I am a lucky babe and count my good wishes during this cold and 12 degree day in our drab city somewhere in the midwest.

sin said...

comment from one of the sub-sisters: Dear WC, really, REALLY not interested in my Dominant administering a "fun and embarrassing" enema. Or two.

Suzanne said...


A very well written tutorial. You touch on some very important points. Having taken my own sissy's bottom too often to remember, I often forget how important these things are to novices in this delightful play. Love the term "diaper position"....cute!

UCTMW Enterprises Management Team said...

I'm sure M appreciates all these comments. and I appreciate the complements too.