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Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year from Mick and Molly

As I type, I am sitting topless and in some racy black panties (that Mick gave me a few year's back) with a Tequila on the rocks in hand (here's to you my WC) in our mountain hide-a-way. It is -4 outside and we have just returned from taking three teens to a vapid (yet enjoyable) movie. We are preparing to bed down for the night -- and yes, after a pre-midnight sex time. We do spend lots of time in bed and (tho I know many of you don't believe it) much of it is actually sleeping.

Thanks to all of you for being in our lives. Like many of you, we turned to this blog world at a time when our path was a bit rocky. As far as I am concerned, it has been better therapy and counseling than we could have gotten in the vanilla world. While we have followed your own stories with vigor, you have also helped us with our own.

Mick and I do have lots of sex. Certainly often (yes, really at least twice most days), but our acts don't have the duration or athleticism of WC's with his wife. Nilla and WC like to say "more than any couple in America." My retort is certainly more than most of our vanilla friends. Once, I let our frequency slip with a friend and horrified does not begin to describe her expression.

Mick likely won't post in the morning as we get to drive back across at least five states and return to our working lives...wish you all great intimacy, sex, love and anything else that you are after in 2011.



xantu said...

Happy New Year to you and all yours.

sin said...

Hey Molly posted. I wonder if that's a first?

Suzanne said...


Make sure "you know who" keeps both hands on the wheel during your trek.

Happy New Year!

WC said...

Hey U 2 lunatics,

I love knowing you both, you enrich my life.

I wish the best for the next year for u both and cant wait to hear about your continuing adventures.. And Suzanne he never keeps both hands on the wheel One is usually on molly's ... well you know, LOL

Keep up the grand adventure!

Your friend

the ever curious


strivingforpeace said...

Happy New Year to you both


beingaisha said...

What a treat it is to hear directly from you, Molly!

Happy New Year to you and Mick - from me and D.