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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Oh Kum, all Ye Faithful. And Fill 'Er Up.

Vistna, Okla. The mobile UCTMW unit was packed, loaded and on the road yesterday at about 9:15 am Mountain time. the teems were packed into the backseat, with the boyfriend adding a little testosterone to the mix. The computers were powered up, and our mobile wifi hub was humming.

We proceeded via the southern route, through parts of New Mexico, across the "Top of Texas" (scenic Amarillo may have more fast food franchises than any place west of Indianapolis) and then clear across Oklahoma, which was all a hush as the Sooners stomped the pitiful pretenders from Connecticut in the Fiesta Bowl.

Sometime around midnight, we staggered into a small town just shy of the Missouri Border, running on fumes. The first gas station we discovered drew knowing snickers from our oh so urbane teens: "Kum and Go", which gave us all a shot of adrenaline as they posed for photos in the cold and dark in front of the sign.

Back in the car, they googled this regional chain, only to discover that it has become a bit of a cult classic, after one of the stars of that cinema classic, "Jack Ass II", was filmed in it's branded shirt.

Now the girls want to look for another one so they can get their own T-Shirts.

And all Slave wants to do is get back to my own bed, with the lovely Mistress at my side.


beingaisha said...

What a wonderful road trip - from my comfy seat in front of the computer... {laughing}

Love the gas station sign!

Take care and be careful,


xantu said...

Drive carefully, get home, where you can "Go & Cum"... muahahaha

okchwy said...

I've lived here since 1985, have traveled the hwy where the pic was taken a hundred times on trips to and from Chicago and have never given it two thoughts. Now I won't forget it for sure! Love your blog....thanks

UCTMW Enterprises Management Team said...

OKchwy= Didn't know we had a reader from Oklahoma. But I guess it had to happen Sooner or later!

Thanks for your comment. It seems we covered the whole darn state in the dark. wish we had time to take in Tulsa.