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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Fan Fiction and a Mission Accomplished

My assignment today from our Western Correspondent was to pick up a bag of clothes pins (or "pegs" as some of you call them), in anticipation of Mistress's punishment tomorrow. Our switch day and the WC's decision that Mistress is due a punishment for failure to bring a certain toy to work on Friday have a convenient convergence.

That mission was accomplished today at our local hardware store. I doubt we will need all 50 of them, unless the WC really is a heartless fiend.  I texted a picture of our new toys shortly thereafter to let him no we are ready on this end.

Now I am awaiting M's instructions.... and yes, it does seem odd that our lowest paid employee is now running the UCTMW asylum ... but that seems to have been our Publisher's call, and She's the Boss!

Also worth sharing is the latest piece of Molly and Mick fan fiction.  You can find it here.Will's continued adventures of Molly, Mick and that other guy.

I have a feeling this story might have Mistress sending me on a whole different shopping excursion.  If anyone knows where one might acquire such an accessory, please let us know.

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beingaisha said...

Yep, that's a lotta clothes pins... yikes.