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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Is this Just Another Sit-Com?

Thursday night, as Mistress, her Slave and our WC toyed with one another between episodes of The Office and Parks and Recreation, I realized that the primitive appeal of the network Sit-Com has a lot in common with what makes those of us in this little community keep coming back to each others’ blogs, day after day.

Whether it was Taxi, Seinfeld, Mary Tyler Moore, or the current more exotic crop of shows like Californication, the appeal of those silly confections is the same: a familiar, endearing, yet quirky cast of characters, doing what they do, week after week, year after year, with only a subtle change up, or new character thrown into the mix to extend the shelf life just a little longer.

After a while, characters like Sam Malone, Mary Richards, George Castanza and the rest become part of your extended “family”, imaginary as they may be. You develop a bit of an addiction to see what might happen to them next.

So what are we all doing here? (Actually, the better question is what are YOU all doing here?)

Here at UCTMW we really don’t do much every day that is all that different. Sex in the morning. A little afternoon worship. Occasional phone sex with the WC before bed, or over the weekend.

I try to throw a change-up every now and then. And there are often some cheesecake photos of the lovely Mistress to distract and amuse…..

But we are not inclined to a whole lot of self-analysis or introspection. What do you expect from an aging Irish guy who picked an Irish street fighter as his blog-o-sphere namesake? Navel gazing? No way.

Yet we still are getting more than 1000 page views everyday. More than 600 “unique” visitors stop by most days. And about 150 of you are repeat voyeurs daily.

I suspect what draws you here is a certain familiarity and comfort with our “characters”, despite a very thin plot line.

Will the WC recover from frozen cock syndrome?

Will Molly ever jump on a plane for a surprise visit to our Western office to conduct an audit of his expense account and inspect that Special occasion equipment?

Will someone ever try to open Mick’s office door just as Mistress is coming?

It’s not unlike wondering whether Lou Grant will ever make a pass at Mary Richards?

Or whether Sam will finally end up in bed with Diane?

We may well be the Burns and Allen of sex bloggers. But we are having fun, and our aim is to spread the good humour and kinky vibes to a broader audience.

And why do we follow you?

We are amazed by Tammy’s seemingly unlimited willingness to submit so completely to the demands of Suzanne, Jay and all those friends and relatives?

And we need to know whether Suzanne will end up being the subject of our Western Correspondent’s ass-fucking tutorial after the Super Bowl?

Over at “Jumping on In”, we follow SFP’s revolving cast of characters, which are taking on the quirky depth and variety of Jerry Sienfeld’s stable of dates.

And we wonder if Aisha will negotiate her way into the clutches of the mystery Dom who lives so far away.

Of course, one difference is the opportunity to comment, email, text and phone one another, that allows us to barge onto the pages of another little blog world and kibitz a bit. Our chance to meet Aisha and D, and visit their down river dungeon, was almost like Lou and Mary showing up on the set of “All in the Family”. Improbable, but lots of fun.

But enough of this over analysis. True to the spirit of this entry, I need to catch you up, if briefly on events here on the Collins family set.

First, Molly blushed a bit to all those lovely comments you left yesterday about her Ass. Yes, I feel like the comedian who holds one hand up to stop the applause, while the other hand is inviting more.

And at some point yesterday morning, she texted me about a specific comment.

“Sin wants to see that picture of you in the cock-cage. …We’ll see.” It’s on her phone, so it’s up to her to pass it on, folks. So far I have been spared.

And M and Mistress were tossing other photos back and forth via text and email during the day. It seems that M and his wife B dined at a restaurant in their hometown at lunchtime. When M described it to Molly, she passed on a photo of she and her Slave dining at the very same place in the summer of 2008.

Odd Serendipity.

After a trip to the gym at the end of the work day, Mistress and Slave had a “picnic” to catch up on the latest episode of “Big Love” (dark, very dark this season), then retired to bed.

Actually, Mistress retired first, as I cleaned our dishes. What else would a Slave do?

As I entered our bedroom, Mistress was under a blanket, naked. And on the phone.

“It’s M, Slave…. He asked me to call.”

“Would you like me to go downstairs and give you two lovebirds some privacy, Mistress?”

“No Slave…. Just get ready for bed.”

They chatted as I stripped down, then settled into bed next to her. I picked up my laptop to review your comments and to check out Suzanne’s weekend plans. Like her at the end of the day, Mistress was still a bit sweaty from our trip to the gym, and I planned to make sure she was tongued clean before bedtime.

Mistress and M talked about the comment he had left on our blog, asking UCTMW to treat him to the attentions of a $500/hr. massage therapist to bring that sad, frozen cock back to full health. I couldn’t resist making a comment.

“That’s higher than your hourly rate, Mistress….”

“M… the Slave says that’s too much … why don’t I just come out there and give you all the therapy you need…. And I could audit your expense account records while I am at it?”

At about this point, after leaving a few pithy comments on some of your blogs, I had to intervene. Setting aside the laptop, I settled in between Mistress’s tangy, salty thighs.

“He’s at it again, M…. what is a Mistress to do?”

But she hardly pushed me aside, and I could tell M had gotten with the program. Soon Mistress was cooing back at him with all those “Yes, M….. I would M……” phrases, that tell me she is getting into the “zone” with his highly skilled verbal assistance.

And I don’t need to tell you what happened next…..the bucking, moaning, the scissored legs squeezing my balding head. Clearly, two guys can do Mistress much better than one.

And once Mistress and M signed off, I received the dividend.

Hopefully, M got his own reward before the night was out.

And since this blog was a bit of a retrospective, I’ve added a photo above from the UCTMW annals that is a bit of a flashback, particularly for our Western Correspondent.

It appeared very early on these pages, back in  2009.

M says that when he saw it, he knew that Mick and Molly were in territory not too far from his own. Apparently it piqued an interest that led, step by step, to his current and ever evolving relationship with Mistress and UCTMW Enterprises.

Considering how long it took Diane to finally nail Sam Malone (or was it the reverse?), there is plenty of time to draw this little comedic soap opera out.


strivingforpeace said...

I think you've nailed it Mick

we just


wait to see what happens next


nilla said...

A great post Mick! Very well done, funny, and i was smiling all the way through it.

i love that pic of the Mistress, btw.

we *are* our own little sit-com/soap opera crew, aren't we? that imagery makes me grin, actually.

Hug to you for me, i can hardly wait to pop over here and catch up on the goin's on...

Won't be back until Monday...but i'll be sure to catch up on the new episodes at one of my favorite "shows"...UCTMW!!


sin said...

Yes Mick I think you have it with the sit-com references and I have replaced TV with blogs and bloggers.

I think you have it wrong though, about Sam and Diane. I think they were doing it all along but she wanted him to marry her. I think that was the big "will they or won't they?" question.

I recognized the lovely picture of Molly too from the early days. I wasn't reading then but went back to read much of your early stuff. A bit like catching up on earlier episodes of favourite shows.

And I do look forward to seeing your daily new contributions.


UCTMW Enterprises Management Team said...

I know that I have said it before, we will say it again. We are finding that our vanilla friends are VERY boring and we spend less and less time with them. Does that happen to anyone else? Actually we were out with some recently who lamented about dull people they know around town (I said under my breath -- you should have a sex blog). I spent 20 years in the TV Biz and consequently have LITTLE patience for TV..except my fav show Californication -- we don't watch much.

beingaisha said...

Lovely post, Mick - and yes, let me just agree too, great analogy. I love our little blogging community soooo much - you have become as close as my "real life" friends.


KellyRed said...

Lovely pic of Molly. Verrah sexy.

You are much more interesting than any TV show. Wonderful analogy, but I did feel my age thinking of all those much loved shows you mentioned. I wait with baited breath each day to find out what the crew of UCTMW is going to do next.

Donna said...

You know Molly, I think it may have less to do with having a sex blog and more to do with being programed from conception with BDSM needs, whether to Dom or sub. BDSM has at its heart the stimulation of all of our senses and I think we tend to live our lives that way, not only noticing more and experiencing more, but needing more input to keep our engines tuned up.

I know this is a gross generalization, but many of the Vanillas I know reach a level of "Too Much!!" while the BDSMers of the group are asking when things are going to get started. I think it makes them seem more boring to me, while I'm sure I seem a bit off the wall to them. lol

WC said...

Very clever Mick,

The over worked and under paid,


UCTMW Enterprises Management Team said...

thanks for all the supportive comments, team. Unlike a sit-com, we never go on hiatus here at UCTMW. and no one can cancel us except ourselves!