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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Leisurely Saturday In River City

With kids gone, cold and damp weather, and no social obligations to speak of, Molly and Mick spent a good deal of Saturday in bed.

(I know that comes as a surprise!)

After some satisfying early morning sex, fueled in part by a hot story about our imaginary adventures posted by Will ( See it here: Will:someone-else's-cock )there was a trip to the gym. Then Mistress was off to her nail salon for some maintenance on her hands and feet. (Yeah, I know, her Slave needs to develop more refined skills in those areas, like Suzanne’s Tammy, but  Mistress deserves something better than the blunders of an on-he-job trainee when it comes to maintaining those world class digits and toes.)

And of course, Slave had other things to do. After visiting my aging Mom, I had to pick up some clothespins as directed by our Western Correspondent.

Then it was a trip to Costco. It was Slave’s first venture through the doors of one of America’s great consumer meccas. M swears by it, and has gotten Mistress into the habit.

But I was a little under/overwhelmed. Of course it is nice to have a year’s worth of laundry detergent at the ready, just in case the “Socialists” at the EPA ban it  next month, and send us all back to  creek side with our washboards and stones.  But with all that stuff crowding the shelves in supersizes, what are the odds that they would not sell what I was looking for: wine glasses and corn flakes?

Back at home, our provisions stored away in the larder, Mistress was tired of my wise assed whining.

“Slave…. It’s time for me to fuck you in the Ass …. Please get out my supplies.”

Nothing like that to adjust my snarky attitude.

As Mistress responded to some emails, I found her harness and little plastic dildo…. But she had to remind me to retrieve the lube.

“I guess you shouldn’t have to remind me of that Mistress…. You might do this without it….”

“But that would be cruel, Slave….. maybe a spanking instead?”

She slathered some baby oil gel on her artificial cock.

“You know M says we probably need a bigger one….”

“I’m sure he’d like that Mistress….”

If only as payback for all my snotty remarks about his level of productivity.

Mistress snuggled and kissed me for a while, her fingers teasing at my cock, preparing me for what was to come.  But soon she was ready for the main event.

“Now why don’t you get in position, Slave….”

“Yes, Mistress.”

I slid a pillow under my hips, spreading my legs to accommodate her. And then show mounted me , slowly guiding her “cock” into my welcoming cavity.

Mistress likes to start slowly, then build up a head of steam. Her warm up ministrations already had my cock thick and full. But there is something about that hard little phallus pumping into me, as her hips pound against my ass cheeks, that sends me into a different zone….

And it also seems to have a rather compelling impact on her. Her breath gets ragged, she’s breathing hard.

“You like this Slave, don’t you.”

“I do Mistress….”

“Why Slave… tell me why…..”

“Hard to explain, Mistress….. it just feels right….very hot….. I’m sure you’d like to have M do this to you, wouldn’t you Mistress….

“Oh….yes I would Slave…. I would…..”

At this point Mistress is moaning, thrusting harder, almost lunging, then falling over the precipice, with a sudden shudder.

Yes, She seems to enjoy this even more than I do.

After a few more thrusts at a slower speed, Mistress slides out, climbs off the bed, and removes her leather harness, depositing on the floor for her Slave to clean and store away until the next time.

“Why don’t you go put in your device now, Slave.”

My white aneros.  It is a suitable replacement for that thrusting cock. A persistent reminder of what she had done, that keeps my cock especially hard for her when I am next given the  privilege of fucking her.

All I could say was “thank you, Mistress”, when finally given permission to come.

After that, it was nap time, and as Mistress slept a little longer, Slave watched the Steelers – Ravens game for a while. Though I had no dog in that hunt, the mayhem was certainly amusing. And there was the back story of whether Suzanne might lose her bet with Jay that added a little extra intrigue.

At some point in the afternoon, M was on the phone with Molly, and he asked to speak to me.  He shared his diabolical instructions for Mistress’s punishment, which we elected to keep confidential for now,  to keep her on he edge of her seat until this morning as that punishment unfolds. Let me just say this: it is simple and elegeant.

Not that she didn’t try to wheedle the information out of him and me.

Later last night, after Slave and Mistress had a picnic and watched a movie of her choosing, I tuned into the final qaurter of the 2nd Play-off game, and Mistress had M back on the phone, as we lay next to each other on the bed.

I could hear that sexy, flirtatious voice she deploys for him. She described how she fucked me in the ass, and how much I liked it. Then the subject turned to her upcoming punishment.

“Why won’t you tell me, M….. I’m just imagining all sorts of terrible things….”

I could tell M was having none of it.

“What if I run away to avoid this torture…..”

Now I had to interject.

“Ask M if he thinks I should tie you to the bed to prevent escape….”

She was not amused.

But as the Packers laid a big hurt on the Falcons, I could not help but wade into their chat in a more substantive way. Without invitation or pre-authorization, I pulled the covers back and buried my head between her lovely thighs, commencing what I have been so well trained to do.

“M, he’s at it again. He’s licking me down there.”

Notice that she did not tell me to back off.

Soon she was into one of her little reveries, eyes clamped tightly shut, listening to M’s  voice as he joined in this little quickie for our beloved Molly. And Mistress was being quite co-operative, her hips rising to meet my lips as I drew a couple of lovely little orgasms from her before she said, “that’s enough Slave….”

Soon Mistress was signing off…. “I’m sleepy M….”

“So what was he whispering in your ear as I was doing my part, Mistress.”

“Ohhh…. I was sucking his cock, while you were sucking my cunt, Slave.”

“I bet you’d like that in real life, wouldn’t you, Mistress?”

“What girl wouldn’t, Slave.”


SometimesSpanked said...

Wow... what a hot description of your day, and taking it from your dear Wife! Oh my, getting to me! :)

Suzanne said...

Glad to see "the diaper position" was put to good use yesterday in the Collins household!

Gotta agree with you Molly....what girl wouldn't!

Donna said...

I think Molly should offer classes for those of us inspired by all that she gives and receives!

I promise to do all my homework and take lots of notes (and pictures). Please?

beingaisha said...

First of all, let me say that if "...the “Socialists” at the EPA ... send us all back to creek side with our washboards and stones." then your multitude of clothespins will come in handy.

Can't wait to hear about the punishment... is that mean?


sin said...

Hmm, some people worry too much about socialists I think.