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Monday, January 17, 2011

MIstress Faces the Music





When we talked Saturday, you gave me some instructions about how our Publisher should be handled on our weekly “switch day”, when the Publisher is required under my peculiar employment agreement to submit to the sort of treatment that she can deploy as my employer / owner every other day of the week.

Of course, what caused me to follow the directions of our lowest ranked employee is a bit of a mystery I suppose. Let’s chalk it up to the peculiarities of the collective bargaining agreement your representatives at the Teamsters Union recently negotiated, and that fact that our Publisher, Molly Collins, said I should take your direction on the matter.

It seems she has a special arrangement with you, the exact terms of which are only made available on a “need to know” basis. She conceded the error of her ways by failing to bring that little insertable vibrator you had sent her when she went to work on Friday. So she conceded that there would be consequences, and that her Executive Editor was expected to be your instrument in the matter.

Or it could be that I am just a corporate drone at heart, despite my lofty, middle management title here at UCTMW, and simply like to follow orders.

In any event, I stopped by the local hardware store on Saturday and picked up the tools you had chosen: a bag of wooden clothes pins, just like my mother used to more vanilla purposes all those years ago.

Our Publisher was a bit on edge Saturday evening, trying to force me to tell her what was instore. But, like you, I was able to keep the procedure we planned under wraps until zero hour on Monday morning. We are a model of corporate security, as compared to those folks at Verizon. Big surprise…. They are launching the I-Phone!

Our Boss read the morning papers, and caught up on our blog and those of some selected competitors (I am a little concerned that she may ask me to get one of those ball gags Suzanne deployed during the Steelers game… Mistress does sometimes get accessory envy). But then, she knew, it was time for her to face the music.

I pulled out the little red leather cuffs, abd she immediately rolled away, huddled under the covers….

“But it’s so cold, Slave…..”

I recall that she texted a similar message to you at about that time, sort of an appeal for mercy. Of course, it went un-ruled upon. No Stay was granted. No doubt you were still in bed, recovering from a night out with some of your UCTMW office interns, or maybe your new shop steward, regaling them with stories of past deployments of the “special occasion cock”.

Ultimately, Mistress rolled over and allowed me to attach her wrist cuffs, linked together in front.

Since our teens were away, it seemed a waste to keep her sequestered in our bedroom.

“We’re going for a walk , Mistress….”

“But it’s so cold….”


I wrapped her in my terry bathrobe, knotted it in front for her. After she slipped into some slippers, I led her downstairs, where I had already pulled out a big wide upholstered chair.

“I think you need a good spanking first Mistress, to warm you up and remind you to follow M’s simple requests in the future.

I sat, then pulled her over my lap. She wriggled into place.

“But I might fall off, Slave.”

“Don’t worry, Mistress, you are in good hands.”

I had a good grip on her, and then proceeded to give her a nice, hard spanking.

You should have heard the complaints. The whines, mewls, all the “that hurts”. It put me in mind to pack her up in a trunk and ship her off to you for some more systemic training. Once a week switch sessions will never really condition her for this sort of punishment.

But I tried to put all the moaning and groaning out of mind and kept on task. Soon her bottom was a nice cherry red, and, surprise, surprise, the armoa wafting from between her legs was all too delicious. The Pungent Publisher. As a probing finger confirmed, she was like a little slut in heat. And I think my suggestion that she consider how it might go if you were the one spanking her seemed to add to her concupiscence.

“I think you’ve had the full benefit of this phase of your punishment, Mistress. Now it’s time for round two.”

She gave a little sigh, and we went back upstairs together. She must have “warmed up”, since she did not ask for the robe again.

“Now what, Slave?”

I had already taken two clothes pins out of the bag.

“This is M’s part, actually, Mistress….. he says I should put one of these on each of your nipples, then make you use the Hitachi to bring yourself off three times, removing them as you hit number three.”

“Ohhhh….. at lest your not going to put those all over me….”

“We’ll save the rest for some other occasion, Mistress.”

First I sucked on each nipple, making them pop to life, allowing the pins good purchase.

She lay back, arms over her head, as I connected the little wooden wonders to her right nipple.

“Owww …. Yow,,,,, hurts, Slave….”

But it hardly seemed unbearable. She didn’t whine nearly so much when I connected the second one. Maybe it was because she was already entranced by the little power tool lying next to her on the bed.

Usually it’s the Slave who wields the tool in these moments when she uses it when we are together. But I was following M’s orders and, he made it clear that Mistress was in charge of her own pleasuring.

She went to work with a fierce concentration. Pressing the device exactly where it would have it’s highest and best impact. None of that whirling around and teasing that this Slave enjoys when I am at the controls.

And soon she was at her first, hips rising, head thrown back, moaning with release.

There was no break at all though. She just kept at it, building up the number 2, not quite as potent as her first, but not exactly a weenie on the richter scale either.

“Only one more, Mistress…”

“Getting tired Slave…..”

“You can always take a break…. But the pegs stay on….”


She went for it then, pressing harder, her body writhing, seat popping onto her lovely forehead. I took a few photos, watching with something less than clinical detachment as she worked her way up and over to number three. And as she hit that crested, I quickly popped off each of the clips…

“Oh, God, Slave….. that hurts……”

“That’s what M predicted Mistress. He said they would hurt more coming off than just staying on….”

She fell back onto the bed, her face flushed, gasping for breath. Her little ordeal was over. She seemed to have the contentment that one gets with a job well done. Sort of like a long hill climb on her bike. The sheets were damp with her perspiration.

And I must confess that now my interest was less as the instrument of your directions.

“Mistress, that concludes the punishment required by M…. after that… he said I was at my discretion.”

She reached for my cock. It was clearly interested in the next stage of the morning’s activities.

“And what comes next, Slave….”

Actually, it was pretty obvious.


beingaisha said...

O, that was just lovely. Perfect, Mick. Thanks


MiWill said...

"Mistress does sometimes get accessory envy"

Women just have a natural gift to accessorize, you can't blame her.

xantu said...

Wonderful post. Thanks.

Suzanne said...

I'm quite sure a good ball gag will come in handy at some point soon. I can think of a few instances where Molly could have put it to good use ;)

Very nice post. I'm a little flushed...and I haven't even gone to the gym yet.

Married Domme said...

you guys are so cute!! sweet post.

WC said...

To UCTMW corporate headquarters:

Attn: Mick Collins,

You did a excellent job as my surrogate punisher. She does whine and wheedle. Thank goodness you ignored her pleas for mercy, as she can be hard to control, and is prone to wheedling and wining.

Very funny and very hot at the same time. You did a fine job as my agent, as you had both actual and implied authority to carry out said punishment. Please remind our publishers of that fact, as she does get uppity at times.

I trust this finds you well.

Your lowest paid union member and shop steward

who really should get a raise in salary,

The ever humble and under paid,